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Cleaner Shrimp

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  1. Cleaner Shrimp Cleaner Shrimp

    Scientific Name: Lysmata amboinensis
    Other Names: White-Striped Cleaner Shrimp
    Reef Safe: yes
    Care Level: Easy
    Min. Tank Size: 29 gallon
    Temperament: Passive
    Dominant Color: Red
    Disease Prone: low occurrence
    Jumper: low occurrence
    Tank Mates: Three Talbot Damsels; Two Golden Belly Damsels; Bulls Eye Mandarin Dragonette; Yellow Watchman Goby; Blue Sided Fairy Wrasse; Clown Wrasse; Bi-Color Blenny; One Cleaner Shrimp; Clown Goby; Pistol Shrimp; Snails; Hermit Crabs
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    Apr 2011
    Baton Rouge, LA.
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    This is Cheech....I consider him a fish. I put him under Seahorse so he could be on here! He has a mate named Chong, but he was hiding; so he gets the glory. They are such an integral part of a Reef System, and I love that they keep my fish clean, etc.
    Now, now, now...a Diva is a female version of a HUSTLA.

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    Corvette Reefer - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Nov 2009
    Dexter, Michigan


    awesome shrimp i got one too!
    The names Vette, Corvette. . .

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