This is one of my favorite fish (yeah I know I say that about all of them) But really Midas has some serious moxy! He is a little guy only about 2.5 inches now and only getting to around 5 but he swims with the "big fish"! He is one of the most out going of the Blennies and spends more time swimming around the tank picking rocks with my tangs, then chilling perched on a rock. He is not one to be bullied and fits in with a more aggressive tank crew (3 tangs) I will get a better picture when I can. This picture is of my first Midas, I loved him so much I got another recently. He is still coloring up so he is more of a peach color. My old Midas was about 4 inches. This is a picture I took of him before I got my camera (just with my phone so sorry it stinks) He eats pellets but loves "greens" and mysid shrimp!