Fish List

Purple tang this weekend only $119.99

orange spot rabbit fish

Niger trigger

Blue Dot Grouper

Royal Gramma

Male Figi Lyretail Anthias

Female Lyretail Anthias

Coral Beauty Angel

Yellow Coris

Yellowhead Jawfish

Vivid Fancy Ocellaris $19.99

Maroon $19.99

Moca Clownfish $14.99

Green Chromis


Dot Dash Fairy Wrasse

Solar Fairy Wrasse


Purple Firefish

Black Bar Squirrel

Yashia Shrimp goby W red pistol shrimp

Antenna High fish goby w pistol

diamond sleeper gobys

Orange Spotted Shrimp Gobys

Yellow Watchman Gobys

Randalls Shrimp Goby

Clown Gobys

Ivert List

Purple Lobster Sale $ $19.99

Bumblebee Snails

Fighting Conch's

emerald crabs

Red Linkias

Royal urchins

sand sifting starfish

orange and pink starfish

Tiger Trochus Snails

Feather Dusters Hawaii $9.99

Yellow Feather Dusters $15.99

Red and White Feather Dusters $15.99

Lg Zoo rocks $70.00

Green Scolymia

Macro Algea In Stock $5.00 Sm bag $10.00 Lg bag

Omega One Frozen Fish Food Sale
Frozen Mysis Shrimp 3.5 oz cubes $2.99 a pack 4 for $10.00
Frozen Bloodworms 3.5 oz cubes $2.99 a pack
Frozen Super carnivore 3.5 oz cubes $3.49 a pack 4 for $12.00
Awsome New Fish Food with Mysis Shrimp, Brine Shrimp and Bloodworms
Frozen Chopped Shrimp 3.5 oz cubes $2.99
Frozen Chopped Krill 3.5 oz cubes $2.99
Frozen Super Brine Shrimp 3.5 oz cubes $2.99
Frozen while Alaskan Shrimp 5.3 oz Large in size! $3.49 a pack