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kane720 grow out

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    Default kane720 grow out

    150 gallon rubber made about 1/3 full (around 50 gallons)

    Lighting -
    48" 8 bulb t5 fixture (forgot the brand)

    1x Vortech Mp20 (adding more soon)


    Royal Exclusiv/vertek Alpha 200 Cone Protein Skimmer


    Better than Kedds Reds 3
    P1020520 2 - kane720 grow out

    Purple Deaths 3
    P1020518 1 - kane720 grow out

    Devils Armor 3
    P1020515 1 - kane720 grow out

    Eye of Rah 4
    P1020515 2 - kane720 grow out

    Gobstoper Play 1
    P1020516 1 - kane720 grow out

    Green Bay Packers 7
    P1020520 1 - kane720 grow out

    Lunar Eclipse 2
    P1020518 2 - kane720 grow out

    Cherry Corals SkyHigh's zoos 3
    P1020520 3 - kane720 grow out

    poylp total 26

    the lunars was open the day after the swap but now are closed. i thinking about moving it futher down in the tank.(should have started it there in the first place) i',m having a ammonia and nitrate problem so i'm going o do a water change today. i will update pics and and stats in about a week.
    Last edited by kane720; 12-05-2010 at 10:40 AM.

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    update 12-2-10

    i been on my water changes and up the flow in my tank(added a tunze 6100) my parms are back to level other than my kh still being high. i thought i was going to lose the kedds but they are coimg back the eyes of rah looks like it's toast

    better than kedds 5
    P1020559 2 - kane720 grow out

    purple deaths 7
    P1020557 1 - kane720 grow out

    devils armor 4
    P1020558 2 - kane720 grow out

    eye of rah 0
    P1020557 3 - kane720 grow out

    gobstopper 2
    P1020558 1 - kane720 grow out

    green bay 7
    P1020559 1 - kane720 grow out

    lunars 2
    P1020557 2 - kane720 grow out

    skyhigh 5
    P1020560 1 - kane720 grow out

    so my polyp count is 32

    kedds +2
    PD +4
    DA +1
    eye 0
    Gob +1
    GB +0
    lunar +0
    skyhigh +2

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    Sir Patrick - Reefkeeper A2 Club Coordinator
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    jimsflies - Reefkeeper

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    Aug 2009
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    Oh man...no updates since 12/5? How are they doing?

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    sorry guys i'm out i lost all but 4 frags, made the mistake and sold 1. i have to disqualify myself. the in-land would have been nice

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    jimsflies - Reefkeeper

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    Aug 2009
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    I still think it would be nice to see how the remaining ones are doing. The intrinsic value in the contest is to see what does well in each of our systems. Come on...play along!

    But yeah, what's up with selling one of them?

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    jolson10450 - Reefkeeper
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    Feb 2010
    Flat Rock
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    Looking for the first half of February's updates on the grow out contest if you could update your thread it would be appreciated so we can add your total to the leader board chart. Thanks!

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