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Rosebud161616's Growout Contest zoas

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    rosebud161616 - Reefkeeper
    Team CR

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    Oct 2010
    Columbus, OH
    Awards Nano Contest Winner

    Default Rosebud161616's Growout Contest zoas

    My husband (kev2me) and I planned on doing this contest together, but turns out we won an extra pack at the swap so we're going to have competing zoas in two different tanks! We are a bit competitive...

    A bit about the tank:

    Size: 120 gallon (about 150 gallon total volume)
    Sump: 55 gallon (half divided into a fuge/frag area)
    Mainly softies with a few LPS, SPS
    Temp: ranges from 72-74 (this is our seahorse tank so the temp has to stay under 74*)
    Age: Approximately 2 years old

    MSX200 skimmer
    Mag18 return pump (almost all of our flow comes from the return pump... planned this way for the seahorses)
    Koralia nano Evo 425 in main tank
    Koralia 2 in fuge/frag area
    Main tank lit by DIY LEDs (4x12 3W Cree LED panels -- 6 white, 3 RB, 3 blue LEDs each)
    Frag tank lit by 24" 4x24W T5s (soon to be replaced by DIY LEDs)
    BRS reactor with biopellets

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    Ahhh true love

    ...you can beat him right now with an update!

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    Erika...it wouldn't take much to beat Kevin. You both have 1 post in the grow out!

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    rosebud161616 - Reefkeeper
    Team CR

    Join Date
    Oct 2010
    Columbus, OH
    Awards Nano Contest Winner


    Well we lost several frags from this bunch. A couple were fungus covered from the beginning. We tried to nurse them back but lost them. It's amazing how much better the other batch has done, but these not so much. We lost the lunars, gobstoppers, and I think something else. The others are still alive.

    I told Kev to update his thread since those frags are doing awesome! I think we're out of the competition though since we haven't posted right?

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    Most likely you won't win the contest. But there is always a chance...it could come down to the last man/woman standing. If the current leaders have a mishap, there is always a slight chance. Certainly finishing strong with regular updates would factor into the final determination...

    With that said, regardless I think this contest gives us an opportunity to better determine what works and doesn't work with growing Z&P's. Frankly its a rare opportunity...I don't think many contests/experiment like this have ever been done...it took a lot of work (mostly on skyhigh's part making frags). I hate to see 90% of the people not follow through with an occasional update because the potential educational value will be lost.

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    rosebud161616 - Reefkeeper
    Team CR

    Join Date
    Oct 2010
    Columbus, OH
    Awards Nano Contest Winner


    skyhigh - 14

    rose feb9 2011 cc skyhigh - Rosebud161616's Growout Contest zoas

    Devils Armor - 7

    rose feb9 2011 devils armor - Rosebud161616's Growout Contest zoas

    green bay packers - 8

    rose feb9 2011 green bay - Rosebud161616's Growout Contest zoas

    And I guess that's all that is left...

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