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5 Stage RODI

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    Default 5 Stage RODI

    I just received my five stage RODI from bulk reef supply, I was initially planning on purchasing the seven stage but they have been out of stock for quite some time now and the five stage 100gpd unit I bought was the last one in stock. I have been out of the hobby for a couple years now but previously utilized Bulk Reef Equipment a lot. Just wanting to hear some thoughts on the the number of stages you selected for your RODI set up. I will be on city water in the Chesterfield/Macomb area and assumed I could add on additional stages if needed. In the next few weeks we will be moving into our new home where I will be setting up the unit in preparation for the 90 gallon reef tank I will be starting from scratch.

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    I have the BRS 7 stage. I'm on a well and assumed the worst. Turns out I was right. The DI resin is spit into cation, anion, and combined (both). The anion di resin is getting burned up fast apparently due to CO2 in my well water. The answer is a barrel to aerate between the RO and DI step. I'm still working on getting that setup and have been allowing DI water that is reading higher TDS to get into the water unfortunately.
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