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Cheapest pump that will make it up the hill :)

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    Heidi - Reefkeeper
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    Default Cheapest pump that will make it up the hill :)

    Ok, so water changes are hard for me beacause I have to carry buckets of fresh mixed water up 6 stairs because I mix in the basement (I live in a tri-level so not a true basement). Right now I have a 3/4 inch hose that I start a syfin with a little 250gph Accela pump and it flows down the 6 stairs into the sump in the basement. Draining is easy. Now for filling up same distance, about 25 feet, but up about total 5 feet. The pump ALMOST makes it but stops about 2 feet from the tank . SO since this if for waterchanges I really want the cheapest Pump that can make the head combo of 25 feet horizontal and 6 feet vertical. I don't care it if is ugly, loud, or even tends to over heat with time (basically a red headed step child style pump that can make it up the hill. SO help me out here people what pump do I pick?

    3 Requirements: Needs to be submergible, and needs to pump my water from my mix barrel in the basement to my sump up 6 stairs and around the corner. Under 60$.


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    EMUreef - Reefkeeper
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    Walled Lake, Michigan
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    if it were me i would hit up ebay, you could probably find a used quietone pump on there, if i had 25 feet of tubbing i'd test mine out to see how well it pumps but i dont lol.

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    AZDesertRat - Reefkeeper
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    May 2010
    Phoenix AZ


    6 feet vertical is not a problem but you will have additional head loss in the 25 feet horizontal due to friction loss too. Look for something like a used Mag 7 or 9.5, Eheim 1260 or 1262, Ocean Runner 3500 or Quiet One 4000. All top out at about 12 feet of head which means they won't have tremendous flow but will do the job.

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    CableGuy - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    May 2010
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    What about two el'chepo pumps inline with each other? It will boost pressure a little but really increase the flow, might be worth a try.

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