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Moon lighting

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    Nov 2011
    Canton, MI

    Default Moon lighting

    Sorry if it's a stupid question....I just set up my coralife lighting system over my 90 gallon. It has the moon lighting lights. Should I keep those on all night? or just turn them off when I go to bed?


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    MyNemesis - Reefkeeper
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    Default Moonlights

    The moonlights don't "do" anything for your corals or fish, in terms of a benefit. They are primarily cosmetic and I love the way the tank looks under the moonlights. I leave my LED blues on all night much of the time. Sometimes I turn them off when I go to bed.

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    Nov 2011
    Canton, MI


    great thank you

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    larryandlaura - Reefkeeper
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    Some people say it creates spawning but im yet to see proof. Its mainly just for looks!
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    Two things I've noticed with keeping them on all night is-my CandyCane's sweepers won't come out with them on and my nocturnal snails won't come out with them on. For only these reasons I turn mine off at 11pm.
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