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protein skimmer mod

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    woods4542000 - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Oct 2011

    Default protein skimmer mod

    Has anyone adjusted plumbing on a protein Skimmer ? I have a euro reef with a sedra 3500 needlewheel pump that I got used ,and want to put in my very limited space sump. I have a trickle filter that I turned Bio ball section into refugium, and all I have for space is around that, with one of the corners of refugium angled to allow more space on that outside corner. That is where I would need Skimmer, with air inlet arm going one way and 90 degrees in the other direction would be the pump. So what I would have to do is cut new hole in Skimmer and extend the plumbing for the pump and cover old hole. Hole I have to cut is 1 1/4 ". Any suggestions if anyone has done something like this ,what to cut acrylic with? And would bubbles from pump be effective with say 6 " + extra plumbing from pump to Skimmer body? Thanks!

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    woods4542000 - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Oct 2011


    Yes the adjustable outlet lol, and the plumbing already just goes into body straight no angle. Any suggestions for cutting new hole in Skimmer body?

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