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Can you help me identify my coral & their health?

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    michaellong - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Default Can you help me identify my coral & their health?

    Hello! There are 2 types on this piece that I purchased 6 months ago. Covered in flatworms - the owner was taking the tank down and I made the decision to take the piece and flatworm exit it through a 3 stage wash, the exit worked well and no toxin hit the tank. What I notice is that there are 2 species. One is like large waving hands, the other a softer waving hand look. They concern me because there is no coloration , and as they shimmer with the halides - they appear see-through. They are doing great. Are they bleached(?) Or are these a lot like colts - and lack that desiring coloration. Either way - they seem to be doing fine and share a 50% line on the same rock. They don't seem to be agressive at all and tolerate eachother. This is the best pict I have, however I can go snap a few more under actinic to get the form easier. Thanks for any info
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    Sir Patrick - Reefkeeper A2 Club Coordinator
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    Waving Hand Coral (Anthelia sp.)

    Not sure on the coral on the left. They could be bleached, could look more creamy white from your lights, or could possibly be just their color. Hard to say for sure.

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