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Need some IDs, please!

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    Iconz - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Nov 2006
    Perry, GA

    Default Need some IDs, please!

    I've got 3 things that I need help accurately IDing.

    The first is what appears to be clear bubble algae... If it exists. I have also seen a huge outbreak of the green in the fuge since I went out of town last weekend, and my ATO resivoir ran dry for 3 days... I was about 2 gallons low... So SG was high...

    The 2nd thing is some type of white tube like creature that varies in size, but none are over an Inch Long, or an 1/8"-1/4" in diameter and they all appear to be attached to the rock and immobile.

    The third is some type of ring thing that looks similar to a worm, but I can't see any of them move. They're on the rockwork and here and there on the glass. They are never more than a mm or 2 in diameter.

    Thanks for the help! Here's the pix of all 3.

    bubble1 - Need some IDs, please!

    bubble2 - Need some IDs, please!

    bubble3 - Need some IDs, please!

    IMG 4531 - Need some IDs, please!

    IMG 4527 - Need some IDs, please!

    rings3 - Need some IDs, please!

    rings2 - Need some IDs, please!

    rings1 - Need some IDs, please!

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    jojo22 - Reefkeeper Registered User
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    Nov 2005
    Canton, Ohio


    The first appears to just be air bubbles building up and gathering baised on the fact that they are on the bottom of the rocks and the bottom of your overflow., the second set of pics are q-tip sponges, and I think the last ones are tunicate worms which are harmless I have MILLIONS of them and the q-tips.
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    carpenterwrasse - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    May 2005
    First Name


    I was told once that the second pic is a tunicate
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    hummer - Reefkeeper CR Member
    Join Date
    Nov 2006
    seneca ,IL


    i have the last two also i figuard every thing looks good and all readings look good i wasnt going to worry .... but thanks for asking ...lol now we both know ...
    ps .my wife dont like all the bugs(pods) on everything ...lol theres quit a verietty(sp)
    :: hummer :nemo

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    peregrinus - Reefkeeper Registered User
    Join Date
    Sep 2004


    the first is the air bubbles. second is a Qtip sponge (Scypha sponge) they are harmless filter feeders and will die off as a tank gets older. the third is a tube worm of some sort harm less and will also disapare as the tank ages.. check melves site. great id page.
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    thanx for that info... i have some of that on my rocks was well... like in the 2th pic .. did not know what they was ... im happy now... (q-tip sponge)


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