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New Corals - Need some help/ID please

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    Default New Corals - Need some help/ID please

    Ok, so im away ona business trip and my g/f discovered one of my favorite LFS's is going out of business. So she bought a bunch of stuff for super cheap but I have no idea what it is or how to take care of it. So some ID and care how-to's would be greatly, GREATLY appreciated.

    below are some pictures of each one of them. Thanks in advance

    coral8 - New Corals - Need some help/ID please

    coral6 - New Corals - Need some help/ID please

    coral4 - New Corals - Need some help/ID please

    coral12 - New Corals - Need some help/ID please

    coral11 - New Corals - Need some help/ID please

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    Default A couple more

    Wouldnt let me put them all in, so here are the other 2

    coral10 - New Corals - Need some help/ID please

    coral1 - New Corals - Need some help/ID please

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    lReef lKeeper - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Mar 2006
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    first post : 1) can't really tell from pic (try to get a better pic for ID) - 2) looks like a green and purple mushroom - 3)looks like a purple mushroom (both are rhodactis) - 4) clove polyps (Anthelia) - 5) looks like ricordia mushroom (very nice looking)

    second post : 1)Zoanthids - 2)looks like a frilly mushroom

    hint to take pics : clean coraline algae from front glass
    place lens of camera AGAINST the glass
    set camera to macro mode (little flower setting)
    dont zoom in, crop the pic when you edit it so you dont lose pic quality

    if you dont mind me asking, how much was it all ??

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    I didnt take the pics. It was her doing. Yea, the coralline grows like crazy in my tank, and having a bit of a hair algae problem atm. The camera she is using is kinda crappy for taking still pics. Its one of those digital camcorders that also takes stillframes. The video is real nice, but the stills kinda suck.

    Anyways, they were only $8 a piece. He's tryin to get rid of his stock and going out of business. Think I might stop by sometime so0n to see what he's got left.

    So now that we have an idea of the types here, mostly mushro0ms i see. Any help on care? What/How often do i feed them? These kind of got thrust on me without out my prior normal research time. And I dont want these guys to die.

    Any info will be appreciated.

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    lReef lKeeper - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Mar 2006
    louisville ky
    First Name


    for $8 you a heck of a deal ... the ricordia around here is about $50 for a one head frag. sounds like you made a steal there. congrats. just do your normal research and they should be fine until then, mine usually just eat anything left after feeding the tank. but here is what i know about mushrooms ...

    Rhodactis ( mushroon anemone or elephant ear ) is a disc shaped corallimorph with a mostly smooth surface, but sometimes has bead like vesicles that look like tenticles.
    Food : Photosynthetix, carnivorous, filter feeders. feed chopped fish or shrimp or chopped worms or tubiflex.

    Ricordea : oral disc and margin with many bead like vesicles that sometimes will become long like tenticles.
    Food : same as Rhodactis

    Both grow and reproduce in captivity and have a long life span.

    hope this helps you out some.

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