This is a really cool crab for the Indo-Pacific region. They are often found inhabiting anemones, like this guy. This crab was spoiled rotten. He had multiple anemones he called home, and switched between them if any one ever closed.

These crabs have fans that allow them to filter feed from the water column. They also have claws that they can grab large particles with. This particular crab, ie spoiled rotten crab, typically ate directly from our hands. We would hold the food near him and he would reach out and grab the food with his claws. Anytime food came near the tank, he scurried out front and center, ready to be fed his daily meal.

These types of crabs are generally easy to keep, but we went through our fair share of them before having success. For that reason, I listed them as a moderate care level. You do need to make sure they are getting enough food and not bullied by other species. I had the best luck keeping them in smaller tanks where I could give them more care (spoil them.)