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How to frag a trach in half?

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    Default How to frag a trach in half?

    So i've had some tissue issue with one of my new trachs. Not sure if sand irritated it or if something nipped it to get it started but it started and hasn't stopped. I've been watching it for about a week to see if there would be any positive changes but instead the flesh continues to come off from one side and has made it about half way and off around some of the mouth.

    I've fed it since and it did eat but last night it only grabbed the mysis and squid but I never saw it pull it to it's mouth. I unfortunately was exhausted and crashed so I never saw what happened with the food.

    Since the trach is losing more flesh and the bone has a bit of brown look to it on the far end, i'm going to attempt to frag it. I'm hoping to find what I need to do it today. I bought a dremel last week so I'm going to see if I can find a fine tooth blade for it to attempt to cut it quickly.

    If anyone has experience in doing this with trach's, brains, what ever, please fill me in with details!

    Thanks in Advance!!!!

    Wish me luck!

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    dlhirst - Reefkeeper
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    I would ask around to see if someone could loan you a diamond band saw. It's ideal for that kinda work. The heat from a Dremel is only going to make "not well" areas of the coral even less well...

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    also if ur buying a bit for your dremel you wanna get the diamond bit cut off wheel they make, dont use anything other than that.

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    Thanks Guys!! I actually went and bought a the diamond bit cut wheel for the dremel and had got some great directions for an iodine dip. The trach was in bad shape and went ahead and fragged it. Pretty easy to do by the way with that bit. It really was a last resort with not much hope on it getting through but so far it's still alive. Not doing well but alive. It's also in my fuge so it's not being irritated by my dumb diamond goby and gold face goby who are constantly dropping sand on them brains. Anyways, thanks again for sending me that info.

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