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My so called "lobo"

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    jstan - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Sep 2010
    clawson mi
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    Default My so called "lobo"

    Was taking some pics of the tank tonight, and got a couple nice ones of this guy. Then I realized I hadn't updated the original I.D./best placement thread I started over a year ago. So UPDATES !!!!!

    However I'm on the fence about it being a lobo ????? I've had this piece a little over a year now, and you can see just how much its healed and colored up since I first purchased it, it'll eat just about anything that drops on it as well. Anyone want to help I.D. this coral ?
    Just after buying the frag
    100 5207 - My so called "lobo"
    a few months later
    100 5620 - My so called "lobo"
    100 6614 1 - My so called "lobo"
    after the lights just coming on today
    100 6617 1 - My so called "lobo"
    100 6624 1 - My so called "lobo"
    100 6635 1 1 - My so called "lobo"
    100 6649 1 - My so called "lobo"

    So what do guys and gals think this is, or will I just have to wait till it gets bigger?

    Enjoy the pics

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    Badfish - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Mar 2011
    Grand Rapids
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    Maybe a Acanthophyllia deshayesiana aka Doughnut Coral or Meat coral? (Sometimes mis-labeled Cynarina deshayesiana)

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    binford4000 - Reefkeeper
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    Feb 2011
    farmington hills mi
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    Old man
    Awards Tank of the Month - May 2012 Tank of the Month


    I have the same coral and have always been under the impression is that it was a meat coral. I know it loves meat. Lol We actually feed it squid and krill.

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    jstan - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Sep 2010
    clawson mi
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    Yea, I have to agree with you both. Just got done looking over meat coral pics on google, and it's a dead on match.
    Mine loves to eat as well, it'll eat anything. It loves the chunks of shrimp in rods food.

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