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Price: 950
I am selling my whole system! $950 for everything below

125g hex acrylic saltwater tank with covers
Appx 60"L x 60"W x 20"H
Light pine stand and canopy
2x Galaxy Hydro reef lights
Live sand and rock

Sailfin Tang
Flame angel
Yellow Tang
3 clown fish
Fairy Wrasse
2 HUGE Engineer gobies (12+ inches and 5+ inches)

HUGE Sand Sifting Starfish (as big as my hand)
Cleaner shrimp
Peppermint shrimp
Several HUGE Turbo Snails
Horseshoe crab
Fighting conch
TONS of asst. Snails and crabs
Sally Lightfoot
Decorator crab
Pencil Urchin
4 pincushion urchins
2+ Feather dusters
Several large Brittle stars
Neon Green Cucumber

Huge Leather
HUGE pieces of GSP
Rock Anemones
Various zoas and other assorted corals

RLSS Protein skimmer (this thing is a cleaning machine)

55g refugium with mangroves, live rock and live sand and heater

Coralife RO filter system plus spare filters and parts


TDS device

All the testing chemicals including magnesium

Extra bags of salt

Dry and frozen fish food

ReefRoids Coral food

3/4 bag of reef sand

Extra dry rock


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