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4 priced to move z's and p's packs!

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    jolson10450 - Reefkeeper
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    Feb 2010
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    Default 4 priced to move z's and p's packs!

    Will Ship: No
    Category: Coral
    Subcategory: Zoa/Paly
    Pricing: wysiwyg
    Price: varies
    Well trying to clean up my frag tank so i can move in 2 weeks so i am listing these frags for sale. pictures will come when my lights come on and the polyps are opened but for now here is the list. first come first served no holds not even with paypal. pick up at my house in rockwood 48173

    Pack #1 -$250
    2 polyp utter chaos
    4 polyp captain america with 3 babies
    4 polyp purple people eater
    2 polyp red hornets
    2 polyp blue hornets
    3 polyp purple hornets
    5 polyp happy people eaters
    8 polyp sweet dreams
    15 polyp red belladonnas (like kedds redds but better)
    and a 5 polyp magician

    Pack #2 deepwater set plus extra -$150
    40+ polyp LA Lakers
    40 poylp fruit loops
    20+ polyp green goblins
    30+ polyp purple passions
    10+ polyp pumpkins
    3 polyp sweet dreams

    Pack #3 -$130
    3 polyp captain americas
    3 polyp sweet dreams
    25-30 polyp purple deaths
    4 polyp rasta
    8 polyp gobstoppers
    9 polyp armor of gods
    9 polyp devils armor
    25-30 polyp creams?? (bought them from happy coral at A2 swap he didnt have a name)
    15+ electric blue zoas from happy coral
    6 polyp red belladonnas (same looking as belladonnas but they are red instead of yellow)

    Pack #4 -$110
    5 poylp rasta
    6 polyp pink and golds
    6 polyp sweet dreams
    4 polyp captain americas
    2 inch x 2 inch superman monti
    15 polyp mohawks
    small tyree toadstool
    8 polyp frag no idea what it is (will try to get pic soon)
    3 polyp frag of no idea what it is (will try to get pic soon)

    take all 4 packs for $575!!!!

    the grow out frag pack but missing a frag -$40 (bought in for $50 at A2 swap)
    there are 7 frags im not sure which is what but maybe if someone buys it they will let you into the contest... not to sure would have to talk to jim.

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    Skyhigh - Reefkeeper

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    Oct 2009
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    PM pack 1 sent
    Last edited by Skyhigh; 11-19-2011 at 06:59 PM.

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    Feb 2011
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    Sweet deals for sure, wish I was closer

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