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55 Gallon Reef Tank Complete Setup

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    Default 55 Gallon Reef Tank Complete Setup

    Will Ship: No
    Category: Coral
    Subcategory: Soft Coral
    Pricing: --
    Price: 500
    I have a 55 gallon reef tank setup for sale or trade. $500 or trade for 135+ gallon tank with wood stand or 13' kayak(I'm a Big Guy). I decide it is time to change direction. Thanks to everyone that has contributed to my tank.

    55 gallon all glass tank 48" x 12.5" x 21"
    Comes with wood stand 25" tall and canopy 6.5" tall
    Canopy has 4 t5 retro with individual reflectors and water proof ends
    Bulbs 2 Giesemann pure actinics, Ati blue and current 10K 5-6 months old
    Filters 2 AquaClear 110 HOBs one is a refugium
    Aqua C Remora Pro Skimmer with Rio pump and surface box
    Rafractometer and Remaining Salt 1/3 bucket

    Live Stock
    75lbs of Live Rock with some nice purple coralline alga
    40-50 lbs of white and black live sand
    2 big yellow Damsels
    2 small blue purple Damsels
    1 Maroon Clownfish 1.5" long
    Snails, hermits and maybe a starfish(have not seen him in a while)

    Gsp, Duncans, Pink palys colony, texas trash palys frag, 2 frags of green button palys, nice green plays small colony, frag red mushroom, green striped mushroom small colony, Yellow sun polys 2 small colonies growing fast, Radio active zoas small colony, frag of blue tubs, frag of keds reds, red acro frag, green fuzzy toadstool.

    The tank has some scratches but is in good condition. I built this reef tank to be simple. All fish are aggressive. For the right trade I'm willing to add my RO unit. Thanks, Ryan
    photobucket 669 1336362073521 - 55 Gallon Reef Tank Complete Setup
    photobucket 4980 1336362010871 - 55 Gallon Reef Tank Complete Setup
    photobucket 537 1336361984951 - 55 Gallon Reef Tank Complete Setup
    photobucket 5114 1336361953740 - 55 Gallon Reef Tank Complete Setup
    photobucket 9180 1336361927408 - 55 Gallon Reef Tank Complete Setup
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    I get bored easily and change fish and tanks like some people change shoes.

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