Will Ship: Yes
Category: Coral
Subcategory: Zoa/Paly
Pricing: per frag
Price: $500.00
This price advertised for this mini colony of Black Hornets is for a quick sale! Need the cash...and this price is firm. I will not frog a polyp or consider any trades. So please don't ask, if I don't replied to your PM's is because you probably low balled me, or ask me about what is my best price. Again, this is my firm price. If you have no intention in buying, don't post on the thread. Give me the same respect that you want when you open a new thread. Appreciate...and thank you for looking! I will post pictures as soon as my lights go on! Same black hornets on CoralPedia...Note: I saw somewhere on Reef2Reef the very same black hornets, are being sold for $200-$300! A few ago I member on R2R try to sell a fellow member 1 polyp for $500