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Cheap corals freeing up space

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    Default Cheap corals freeing up space

    Will Ship: No
    Category: Coral
    Subcategory: SPS
    Pricing: per frag
    Price: Cheap

    Green birds nest. 10
    Bird of paradise 10
    Blue style 10
    Purple style one large frag left 20
    Superman digi 20. Large branches
    Purple digi. 10. Large branches
    Setosis 10. Small. 20 large
    Blue tenis 10
    Purple and green 10. Acro
    Purple and green fuzzy unknown really cool acro 10
    Blue stag 10
    Vivid rainbow 15
    Galaxia 10
    Green monti 10
    Red planet 15
    Hollywood stunner 10
    Red dragon 35.


    Pink and golds 10plus polyp frags 10$
    Purple people eaters 1 polyp left 5$
    Tiger tails 15 per frag Most more than 3 polyps
    Blue tubs 15 more than 4 polyps
    Blue and golds maybe la lakers not sure 10$ 5 or more polyps
    Bam bams 10 per frag
    Ring of fire $8 per polyp. Deals
    Sunny ds 15 per frag
    Rastas 8$ per polyp
    Radio active dragon eyes 10 per around 10 polyp frags
    King Midas 15 per frag
    1 3 polyp purple hornets for 20

    Deals deals deals more you buy the more you save

    2 foot t5 compact light unit with bulbs 40$. Sold
    Aqua c 180 skimmer 50$ with pump.sold
    Sump. 40$ acrylic
    Bigger Sump acrylic 50$
    Acrylic refugium 40$
    24w UV sterilizer. 40$. Sold
    CPR back pak skimmer 40$ sold
    Coral life skimmer 60$

    And more call 7346492414 Adam is my name will text pics. Or pm. Package deals availible need to move this stuff no reasonable offer will be denied have new stuff coming in gotta free up some space

    ---------- Post added 10-14-2013 at 02:12 AM ----------

    Pics are taken by iPad or phone really do the Corals about zero justice but good for equipment just so everyone knows ahead of time
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