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Frag Tank Clean Out

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    Default Frag Tank Clean Out

    Will Ship: No
    Category: Coral
    Subcategory: Other
    Pricing: per frag
    Price: Around $20
    All are great sized frags with lots of polyps!

    Here is what I have for sale; Updated 2/24/2012 (with some fish, inverts, equipment and tanks included)

    Fish Tanks;
    10g tanks $10ea
    29g with iron stand and 175w metal halide light $100
    2x 33g Rimless Frag Tanks 36x18x12 $100ea
    50g Breeders Drilled in center back $25ea
    60g Low Frag tank 48x24x12 $150
    240g Bar approx 6ft in the front, and 3ft on the sides $200 ( it has a split seam in the corian that needs to be resealed.

    65g Cylinder Acrylic tank $300 SOLD

    BerlinXL $25
    Smaller sump with (not as good) skimmer $25

    HOB Reef Octopus $25 (SOLD)
    Sump with skimmer $50 SOLD
    ASM MiniG $50 SOLD


    Green Matted File fish (eat aiptasia) $20
    Ultra Blue damsel $5

    Lg Black and White Occelarris pair $50 for the pair (Sold)

    Cleaner Shrimp $15 (Sold)
    Peppermint Shrimp $7ea ($15 for the ones carrying eggs)
    Emerald Crabs $7
    Red Thorny Stars $15 (One Left)



    Captain Americal Palys $10.00 (One large single Polyp and a baby growing next to it)
    More Than Bam Bams $20.00
    Orange Nebulas $25.00
    DeepWater Supermans $25.00
    Deep Water Greens $20.00
    Green Explosion Rock $25.00
    Gorilla nips $10.00 (small frag)
    Purple Deaths $10.00 (small frag)

    Rastas $10.00(Sold)
    Dragon Eyes $20.00 (Sold)
    Kedd Reds $20.00 (Sold)
    Red Hornets $85 (Sold Out)
    Fruit Loops $30 (Sold Out)
    Eagle Eyes $20 (Sold Out)
    Standard BamBams $20 (Sold Out)
    Tubbs Blues $20 (Sold Out)
    Smurfs $20 (Sold Out)
    Greenbay Packers $30 (Sold Out)
    Midas Gold $30 (Sold Out)
    Blow Pops $20 (Sold Out)
    Nuclear Greens $30 (Sold Out)
    Ultra Pinks $20 (Sold Out)

    Soft Coral

    Branching gorgonia $5.00
    XL Branching Gorg $30.00
    Teal Cloves $10.00
    XL Kenya $30.00
    Green Hairy Mushrooms $5.00
    Cabage Coral $5.00
    Devils Hand $10.00
    LG Green Devils Hand $30.00

    Green Bumpy Mushrooms $5.00 (Sold Out)
    Pink Clove Rock $35.00 (Sold Out)
    Tyree Neon Green Toadstool $20.00 (sold out)
    Teal Toadstool $20.00 (Sold)

    Large polyp Stony (LPS)

    Teal Acans $35.00
    Ultra Acans (Rainbow) $70.00 4 Head (Sold)
    Small Acan $10.00
    Small Maze Brains $10.00
    Purple Haze $15.00

    SM Galaxea $10.00 (Sold)

    Small polyp Stony (SPS)
    Cactus Coral $10.00 (Sold)
    ORA Birds of Paradise $15.00
    Tyree Idaho Grape Monti $10.00
    Blue Ridge $15.00
    Undata $30.00
    SM Purple Digitata $10.00 (one left)

    Spongaid $25.00 (Sold Out)

    Here are some pictures

    Demon Eyes in center, purple deaths to te right, green devils hand to the left, bam bams upper right
    demoneyes - Frag Tank Clean Out

    Gorilla Nips center, fruit loops right, branching pink gorgonian bottom left, deepwater greens up top.
    gorillanips - Frag Tank Clean Out

    captain americas center, rastas right, some orange acans bottom left and purple deaths top left
    captainamericas - Frag Tank Clean Out

    green acans center, bam bams right, clove polyps upper left
    greenacans - Frag Tank Clean Out

    Lots of Tyree Idaho Grape Monti
    idahogrape - Frag Tank Clean Out

    undata - Frag Tank Clean Out

    Spongaid (spongodes)
    spongaid - Frag Tank Clean Out

    Kedd Reds center, rainbow acan right
    keddreds - Frag Tank Clean Out

    Rastas center Kedd Reds top left, Fruit loops top left
    rastas - Frag Tank Clean Out

    240g Corian Bar Tank. You can see the seam split when I moved it. That's the only reason I am selling it for the price I am. If you are a hands on person you can reseal the corian with a simple two part epoxy. Some would suggest using a plug system with rods and holes. Others don't think its necessary. I suggest having a professional do the fix. It would be a couple hundred dollars to have done, but you have the assurance it is done right! This tank is $6k+ to build...

    50gbreeders - Frag Tank Clean Out

    50g breeders sitting on top of the bar tank...

    Pictures are taken from my phone, PM me if you want to see anything I didn't already post pics of

    Attached Images Attached Images  
    Last edited by DereksReef; 02-25-2012 at 04:34 PM.

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    woods4542000 - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Oct 2011
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    Wow everything looks great! ! Where is hamilton located?

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    CalmSeasQuest - Reefkeeper
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    Jan 2010
    Brighton, MI
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    Awards Nano Contest Winner - Winner of 2012 Nano Contest


    Beautiful livestock - Wish you were closer.
    The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man. - George Bernard Shaw

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    Thanks Guys, I really love to collect em, some people have baseball cards, others coins... Me, I love my coral

    I'm always up for trades as well!

    And Hamilton may be a journey for some (I am the far west of michigan, southwest of Grand Rapids) but I am easy to get to. A couple miles off the freeway located just outside of town.

    Map Hamilton MI 49419 to get an idea of your trip

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    demonclownfish - Reefkeeper CR Member
    Chatbox Menace

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    Dec 2009
    Awards Monthly Giveaway Winner


    you go to any of the swaps?

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    I have in the past, but haven't been to one in a year or two... I don't know if I will make it to any this winter, but I will be setting up my big tank over the winter, and once these frag tanks are cleared out I will be doing some major growing out and that will take a while. It will probably be at least a year for my colonies to be big enough to be trimmed again. My new tank alone is bigger than my entire system, so yeah... everything is going to look tiny for a while! lol

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    Still have lots to grab, check out the first post!

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    binford4000 - Reefkeeper
    Join Date
    Feb 2011
    farmington hills mi
    First Name
    Old man
    Awards Tank of the Month - May 2012 Tank of the Month

    Default got my attention for sure

    I sent you a PM,hopeing to hear from you

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    Badfish - Reefkeeper CR Member
    Join Date
    Mar 2011
    Grand Rapids
    First Name


    Derek, thanks again for the killer deal on the Frag pack! Everything is settled and happy.

    Great stuff here everyone, I have been looking for Fruit Loops, Rastas, and Purple Deaths forever and I was able pick up all 3 here, plus a few more hard to find items. All the frags were nicely sized, super encrusted, and looked very happy . And again Derek cut us a great deal on the pack too (his prices were already stupid low compared to what I have been looking at). Friendly guy with a lot of knowledge, We will be doing business again for sure!

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    Default East Siders

    Ok, I have been getting several requests from east siders.

    So, I head out to Ann Arbor a few times a year, and I take 96 over. I could meet everyone somehwere on 96 before I split off and head south toward Ann Arbor.

    Here's how it would work so everyone is clear;

    1) make your list and send it to me to verify availability
    2) Paypal the cash to me to hold the coral and I will take it off the available list
    3) I will hold the coral until the trip
    4) I will separate and label the coral with your names on it for easy distribution the day of the trip
    5) Grab your coral the day/time we set
    6) love your awesome coral you got for a steal of a deal
    7) grow your coral, frag the new colony, and pass along a great deal to another reefer!

    If this sounds good to any of you eastsiders, pm me and we can setup the meet and greet

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