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Getting out again

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    Default Getting out again

    Will Ship: No
    Category: Coral
    Subcategory: LPS
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    Price: see ad
    It's time to get out. I no longer have the time or desire to maintain my tank and the animals are beginning to suffer. I need to sell everything, starting with the livestock, so here goes:

    Manhattan project acan 20 polyps $50
    Red and grey acan green / orange mouth 7-10 polyps $50
    Rare plate corals - Purple and green double mouth $70, Orange and green striped (color has faded but will return under better conditions) $70, solid orange (used to have purple tentacles) $50
    African blue steel zoas. Colony with free aptasia $50
    Purple death polyps colony $50
    Aussie red scoly. Needs TLC, but will recover with right conditions $50
    Large Brain coral $40
    Small brown brain frag (grown from single polyp hitchhiker) $10
    Blue 'shrooms $20 for all
    Pink pom-pom xenia free with rock purchase @ $1.50 / lb. LOTS of this stuff. It's taken over.
    Blasto merletti 2 colonies, one red and green and one pink and green. $20 ea.
    Live rock - 70-80 lbs. $1.50 / lb. Some with corals. $100 for all.

    Fish will be sold after corals and rock are gone:
    Radiant wrasse $50
    Black clown pair $50
    Blue Assessor $50
    Yellow tang $15
    CB Bangaii $15

    I will make someone an incredible deal on the entire setup. It's a 60 gallon cube with a 250watt pendant and hang on skimmer. Tank is drilled but holes are glued closed (silicone and plexi -- removable)
    Reefkeeper Elite w/ web.

    I'd really like this gone. Please PM for fastest response. Pick up in Grand Haven, MI is preferred but delivery in the West Michigan area is possible from Big Rapids to Coldwater and many places in between.


    2011 06 16 16 21 45 169 - Getting out again

    2011 06 16 16 22 35 648 - Getting out again

    2011 06 16 16 22 23 968 - Getting out again

    2011 06 16 16 22 14 654 - Getting out again

    2011 06 16 16 22 02 256 - Getting out again

    2011 06 16 16 21 54 462 - Getting out again

    2011 06 16 16 22 54 36 - Getting out again

    2011 06 16 16 23 16 628 - Getting out again

    2011 06 16 16 23 26 101 - Getting out again

    2011 06 16 16 25 01 6 - Getting out again
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    larryandlaura - Reefkeeper
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    Bummer you are getting out.....PM sent!
    Hi my name is Larry and I'm a coral addict!

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    As of 10:30 am this morning I have an offer for all the livestock. If the deal falls through, I will be responding to PM in the order they were received. I have this posted on 2 boards, so PM timestamp is what I'm going by. I will re-post the equipment in a seperate ad when I get this all sorted out. Thanks for your patience.

    Last edited by planecrazy29; 09-20-2011 at 12:23 PM. Reason: removed the original quoted post for clarity

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    rcombs - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    that h.o.b. skimmer still available?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcombs View Post
    that h.o.b. skimmer still available?
    Yes, the skimmer is still up for grabs. All the equipment is up for sale now.

    Tank, Stand $125
    Light (250w MH, old bulb) $100
    Skimmer $100
    Reefkeeper Elite w/ web $350
    Dual Doser $100

    Will not seperate the tank / stand and can't ship. Pickup near Grand Rapids, MI only.
    Everything else can be shipped at the buyer's expense.


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