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gotta sell some livestock

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    ShanaS - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Jan 2011
    Big Rapids MI
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    Default gotta sell some livestock

    Will Ship: No
    Category: Other
    Subcategory: Other
    Pricing: per frag
    Price: 15-100
    well i got accepted to pharmacy school in NC, and rather than try to bring all my livestock with me i guess i will try to sell it all off and rebuild my tank in NC . I would like to see how much interest there is for my small collection of coral and liverock, along with some damsels, one black and white striped, one blue, two white with yellow and blue accents(not sure if they are all damsels but w/e). $5 each i guess
    everything is OBO. would like to wait till most the stuff is outta the tank b4 i sell cleaning crew (snails, crabs, sand sifters,...)
    sea cucumber, yellow, 3-4 inches long, $15
    Sand sifting star, about 3 inches in diameter, $20
    small sea urchin, thicker spines, only about 2 in diameter, $25
    falco hawkfish which i have had for about 2 years, 3ish inches, $20

    large galaxia - $40
    very large frogspawn, 10+ heads, 6+ inches in diam when out - $80
    medium GBTA - $30
    large pink anthelia on a large peice of liverock - $40
    small torch frag, green and red, $15
    lots of kenya trees - $5
    large GSP in an arch shape - $40
    Other GSP on rock, pretty big - $30
    large green plate, hard coral, called monti pora maybe? - $30

    i dont have a scale for live rock, and most of my live rock has coral attached, so if u wanna come by and look and we can decide on a price for those peices, pretty cheap tho

    CR wont let me upload pics..call me if your interested and i can send any pics to email.

    pm, call, or email
    Shana - 231-343-4415 - stroops@ferris.edu
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    ROGERWILCO357 - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    May 2010


    congrats on the Move good luck hope you succeed in your endeavors. both in school and the sale.

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