Will Ship: No
Category: Fish
Subcategory: --
Pricing: wysiwyg
Price: $1
Guaging interest in all of my livestock:

Yellow Tang (approx 4"-5") $35
Regal Tang (approx 4"-5") $50/obo
Blue Damsel (gets along great with everyone!) $5
Green Chromis $5
Red Firefish $25
Purple Firefish $35
Fridmani Pseudochromis $25
Pair of ORA B&W Occy's 2-1/2 yrs old, we've had them for 2 yrs. Ordered straight from ORA.(female is misbar with orange face, just recently started laying eggs) $140
Blue Tuxedo Urchin $15
Asstd snails and crabs

06 23 10 1652 - Guaging Interest

As of right now no equipment is for sale, wife talked me into keeping it around for a while so I don't regret selling it when I have some more free time.

Please respond here, with pm's, or you can call if you have any questions.


I am only interested in cash or non-marine/reef related trades...
Looking for a good inversion table (300# capacity), indoor gardening and growing equipment, really anything of equal value.