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My fish needs a good home- experienced hobbyists please read

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    Default My fish needs a good home- experienced hobbyists please read

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    I need to find a good home for my 6 year old yellow tang. It's a great fish, very colorful and active. She is not too big, I'd call her size a medium.

    I am looking for an experienced hobbyist who has at least a 6 foot tank. the tank also needs to have some sort of cover (glass or screen) to prevent her from jumping out. I want her to go to someone who has taken precautions to prevent an unnecessary death, so things like multiple heaters and a temp controller are a must. I would also like the person to have a QT tank. A generator would also be a big plus. I have taken great care of this fish for so long I would just hate to see her die in something stupid like a heater failure or power outage. She has not been housed with other tangs, so I can't say how she would do with another one in the tank.

    I am not asking for any money or trade for her, my only concern is finding this fish a great new home. This was the first fish I purchased 6 years ago when I started, I am only getting rid of her now because I have 2 little kids and can't put the time and effort into the tank that it deserves anymore. All of my other fish went to a friend, but he already had a yellow tang in his tank and we didn't want to risk any fighting.

    If you are interested please let me know.


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    Fish is gone, dropped her off at her great new home today

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