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What is one of the colors on a clownfish? (hint there is a clownfish on the CR logo in the top left corner of the page.)

Results: how many clown fish have you had in one tank and they got along

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Clown Fish question

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    Riceman - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Mar 2011
    Detroit, MI

    Default Clown Fish question

    hey there I was wondering exactly how many clown fish u can have in the tank at one time. I have a 125 gallon fish tanks. I know that one set will change one fish to a male and the other to a female
    ****************** Riceman ****************************

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    You can really only have one pair.

    (BTW- I moved your thread into the marine fish forum instead of basics.)

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    demonclownfish - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Dec 2009
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    it take a large tank with a large scape to try and make it so that they anemones stay far away enough that you can hope they will never make contact.

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    Heidi - Reefkeeper
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    Dec 2010
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    People have clownfish that were all part of the same fry together in large groups. But you have to get little ones that have always been together and I am not sure how many gallons of water they would need. Some one like fishtal or anyone else who breeds will be able to give you more info on that.

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    Riceman - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Mar 2011
    Detroit, MI


    Thank U ... cause I have two lonely anemones in the tank one the size of a golf ball and the other the size of (little larger than) a softball...
    ****************** Riceman ****************************

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    larryandlaura - Reefkeeper
    Team CR

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    Nov 2010
    Houghton Lake
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    My buddy had two pairs in his tank. But the one pair killed the other new pair he added to his 210.

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    fishtal - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Sep 2009
    Waterford, MI
    Awards Fishbowl Drawing Winner


    This question has a complicated answer. There are several things you have to keep in mind and consider.

    First: What species and size/age are you thinking about?

    If you're thinking about larger adults, it's not going to turn out well. Mixing species probably won't go well either. Especially if you're mixing some of the crankier ones. IME, A. ocellaris seem to be the nicest ones, but you never know.

    I have seen people start out with a group of juveniles that all come from the same batch and that "can" work, with caution.

    Second: Just because you have anemonies doesn't mean they will host in them. Be sure you have the proper lighting for keeping 'nems too.

    I wouldn't suggest doing more than one pair in a tank but if you do I would go with juveniles and add them at the same time. If you don't, one pair is going to have the home turf advantage and probably be quite aggressive.

    As an anecdote, I can keep 50-100 juveniles in a 20G tank for a while but one fish will always start to take over the group and have to be moved to another tank. By "juveniles" I mean under 1/2".

    Give me a shout if that doesn't answer your question.
    Save a fish, Breed your own!
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