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What type of fish is in the middle of CaptiveReefs (top left corner of page...hint it is the main character in Finding Nemo) )

DIY Fish Trap?

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    MizTanks - Reefkeeper
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    Default DIY Fish Trap?

    I'm desperately needing to remove my angel from my tank. Sadly she's taken to nipping at my Favia's and looks as if she took a small bite out of my Acro. I don't want to tear up my tank to get her out. Does anyone have a tried and true DIY fish trap that I could make to catch her?
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    Fish for it! Really. I removed a 3" domino damsel this way.
    Perhaps you know a fly tier or have a fly shop nearby? Gander Mtn is in Marquette... Ask for a size 32 fly - it's TINY. The hook's point might have a barb that can easily be squashed flat with tweezers. That will be better for the fish.
    Sewing thread can find it's way into the eye of that hook - with some struggle and some luck. But that fly tier might have some 7x line to make it easier.
    Just remember to use tiny bait - that all has to fit in his mouth. Keep the tweezers handy, as you will need them to remove the hook.
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    I should add - strip all the feathers and thread off the hook. Then, bait it with something like a chunk of frozen food. I used a piece of clam from a local sushi joint. Clam meat is kinda tough and stayed on the hook well. It only took a couple minutes, and I had some yummy mirugai after!

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    AZDesertRat - Reefkeeper
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    I take a clar plastic 1 liter soda pop or drinking water bottle, or larger if its a bigger fish, and cut the neck off just large enough the fish can swim through. I then cut down a little further where the neck flares out the size the main body of the bottle, invert that piece so it sticks into the bottle backwards and glue it in place.
    I then tie a length of monofilament fishing line to a hole I punch in the lip of the bottle long enough I can pull on it from a distance so I don't have to scare the fish.
    Stick their favorite food or snack in the bottle and go fishing. I have removed even the most stubborn fish in this manner although you may trap a few others first along the way.

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    I also use plastic bottles with the top cut out and inverted. Stop feeding the tank so the fish gets more hungry and less wary of going in the trap.

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    rosebud161616 - Reefkeeper
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    I'm a huge fan of the fish bottle method also. However, I don't glue the top on the bottle. I just invert it, and in it goes with some food in it. That way it's easy to take the top back off once the fish goes in.

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    Never had any luck with glue or friction...I punch a couple holes in the sides and then use wire ties to secure the top on...I just have to nip them off to get the fish out.

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