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Finger Dragonet

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    Default Finger Dragonet

    Has anyone ever kept one of these? There is one at one of the lfs by my house here is very cool but is like 60 bucks, just wondering if anybody has any experience with em

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    mutts - Reefkeeper Registered User
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    Manda Wolf


    Never have but I looked in my handy book Marine Fishes by ScottW. Michael and it had this to say (please ignore any typeos as I am transering this from the book):

    Dactylopus dactylopus (Bennett, 1873)
    Finger Dragonet

    Max. Length: 7.1 in
    Range: Western Pacific
    Min. Aquarium Size: 55 gal.
    Foods & Feeding: Challenging to feed. House in a tank furnished with a bed of well-established live sand, which provides live natural foods. Offer meaty foods, including shaved shrimp or vitamin-enriched live brine shrimp, using a long pipette, rigid air-line tubing, or a poultry baster to deposit items near the fish on the substrate. In a tank without live sand, feed 3 times a day.
    Aquarium Suitabillity Index: 2
    Reef Aquarium Compatibillity: Excellent.
    Captive Care: This odd fish is a definite conversation piece, with exptic finnage, including a fingerlike pelvic ray. Peaceful except with conspecifics (males will fight) and possibly other dragonets. It is an easy target for nipping and will have difficulty competing with aggressive feeders. Needs plenty of open sand bottom and will bury itself when threatened or at night. May need special feeding, especially in an aquarium with aggressive feeders, where most of the food will be consumed before the bottom-feeding dragonet has a chance.

    Hope that helps and that there arn't too many typeos

    It is really nice to see you here in this thread. While your online how about you go over to the TOTM thread and enter or vote. It will only take a minute

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