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pair of anthias what to feed them

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    ROGERWILCO357 - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Default pair of anthias what to feed them

    ok I have tried flake and pellets and now frozen brine they seem to spit it out mostly are they really finicky eaters? what should I buy them to eat now and who has the best deals on food for fisn and corals ..?

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    I would just try a good blend of frozen food like Rod Reef, Reef Medely, or like the club food that was just at the swap. This way there will be many sizes and types so they should eat some of it. Plus you have to take into account the other fish in your tank. Do they have to over compete for food? When you fed pellets did you consider what size you gave them. Plus you can add garlic which is suppose to help entice the fish.

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