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Pajama Cardinals And Bangai Cardinals?

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    Pat-O - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Default Pajama Cardinals And Bangai Cardinals?

    Recently took home a pajama cardinal because I think they look pretty cool, However my girl likes the bangai's the most to the point where shes is bugging me about getting one and compatibility between the two. I have done a good amount of research and haven't found any info saying they can not go together and I have seen other cardinalfish listed as compatible with pj cardinals. I do know that two pjs will beat each other up unless they are housed one male and one female or in a large group in which they have a strict hierarchy. This is what I read im sure other have had different experiences but I would just like to know if anyone has had pjs and bangais housed together safely.

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    demonclownfish - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    bangaii's are more likely to beat each other up if they are the same gender and dont neccesarily do well in schools in our tanks unless the tank is pretty large. PJ's i see in groups all the time with no issues. one of each would do no harm to each other IMO

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    Pat-O - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Sep 2011
    Ft Gratiot Michigan
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    Thats what we were hoping

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