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What type of fish is in the middle of CaptiveReefs (top left corner of page...hint it is the main character in Finding Nemo) )

iyachtuxivms Lagoon

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    Default iyachtuxivms Lagoon

    So I was going for a fuge/seagrass tank with this but after a bad experiance with ummm..... we will call it poor shipping of delicate marine plants I am going this route instead. I didnt find a great deal of info as for plants in a lagoon but in mine I have some monticaps, zoos, algae of all sorts, mangroves and a lobo. For fish I have a Antennarius maculatus or wartskin angler. Inverts consist of a few cerith snails a nerite snail a few nassarius a trochus and a fighting conch. I was thinking of adding a dursa clam but we shall see. My seahare may make cameo appearances off and on. So after most of the tank has been cleaned of dead/dying seagrass and other "poorly shipped" macros this is where I am at. Still needs a good vaccum or two.
    DSCF5519 - iyachtuxivms Lagoon
    DSCF5486 - iyachtuxivms Lagoon
    DSCF5512 - iyachtuxivms Lagoon
    DSCF5516 - iyachtuxivms Lagoon
    DSCF5528 - iyachtuxivms Lagoon so cute!
    DSCF5478 - iyachtuxivms Lagoon Yummy got away from the... well me trying to feed the angler by the time I got to it this is about where it was so I left it frozen sand eel yes they both eat frozen

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    wow, that looks great!!!

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    Sir Patrick - Reefkeeper A2 Club Coordinator
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    That is one sweet style tank!!!

    Good luck w/ the lagoon style! Looks like some time will set it off pretty good.

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    XSiVE - Reefkeeper
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    I look forward to reading the updates on this one. I like the style you've got going.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chort55 View Post
    DSCF5528 - iyachtuxivms Lagoon

    Dude I was wondering where the angler was, kept looking at all the pics, finally found it..... I thought that was a rock the 1st 15 times LOL
    Yeah is he really good at camo or do I just suck at taking pics. lol

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    shovelhead91701 - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    I love anglers......... I can't wait to see where this goes!
    The days are long and the work is difficult but every night I sleep as a man who has achieved his goals.

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    Ok so was taking pics and cleaning the tank (not in that order) I wanted to get some better FT shots and check this out. Hes so funny such a little personality or was he just hungry.
    DSCF5579 - iyachtuxivms Lagoon

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    Quote Originally Posted by chort55 View Post
    Wow he is hard to spot.... but I think I finally found him... bottom of tank in the far left corner looks like he is laying on an angle almost?? Your starting to make me want to get a smaller species tank for one of these little guys! Wife would either kill me or make me get rid of the big one tho probably so I must live through more pics of yours for now
    Yeah he is kinda hard to spot. But it was funny I was cleaning the glass and he hangs out in the back of the tank as I was cleaning I saw him stomping down from the back. I took a couple pics and decided to review what I had took and came across that. He was watching me from around those barnacles, I looked up and he was still doing it. He was just peeking out, very funny. He ate 3 sand eels right after that didnt even need me to wiggle them around.

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    ReeferRob - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Can you keep more than one?
    "We shouldn't think of an environment where livestock can survive, we should ensure an environment where livestock can thrive."-Rabidgoose
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    He really colored up nice Jamie! What a cool addition.

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