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korndoggs 75 extra wide!!!

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    korndiddy20 - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Jan 2010
    Riverview, MI
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    Default korndoggs 75 extra wide!!!

    I wanted to start a thread of my own that I could update the progress of my new tank so that I could look back in a year or so and see the different stages the tank took on.

    I started off with a different tank but desided to go with this one instead. Either way I knew I wanted the tank in my dinning room so it will be viewed by visitors and myself of course. I did the plumming so that the sump would be in the basement. Here are some photos of the plumming. I originally plummed for 2 drains and 2 returns just incase. But I am only using one of each at the moment.

    TankBuild11 - korndoggs 75 extra wide!!!
    TankBuild13 - korndoggs 75 extra wide!!!
    TankBuild14 - korndoggs 75 extra wide!!!

    This is in the basement
    TankBuild20 - korndoggs 75 extra wide!!!
    TankBuild21 - korndoggs 75 extra wide!!!
    TankBuild22 - korndoggs 75 extra wide!!!

    First let me tell you a little about the tank. It is a 75 EXTRA WIDE!!! the measurements are 48"Lx30"Wx12"T. I wanted to go with a shallow reef that will be mainly viewed the way I like my women, top down
    It is a rimless tank with standard glass, I figured since it will mainly be viewed top down their was no need to spend the extra money in starphire glass. It has a built in overflow with a 1" drain and 1" return. I will be using black sand in the tank that is pretty fine, im a little concerned if it will blow around but I wont find out until I put the new pump on.

    NewTank2 - korndoggs 75 extra wide!!!
    NewTank - korndoggs 75 extra wide!!!


    I currently have a Mag 9.5 as my return pump but it doesnt have the cahonas to give me any sort of decent flow. My buddy has a Mag 18 that Im going to hook up and see if its to much pump or just right. I have a flow valve on my return so if a Mag 18 is to much I can always turn it down.

    I got in on a group buy and purchased a SWC 160 Cone Skimmer. I have yet to plug it in and get it going. It will go online this weekend coming up.

    Its a 70g tank with 3 chambers. I purchased a stand so that I dont have to bend over all the time to do work on the tank. It also helps with temp since its not on the basement floor.

    I have to phosphate reactors. One is for running carbon and the other I run phosphate remover. These will be ran for a few days once a month.
    The tank is heated by a standard heater, nothing fancy.

    Currently I dont have lights on the tank. I am in the market for a 6-8 bulb T5 fixture that has legs and a splash shield.

    I have some corals from my previous tank and some that Ive picked up lately. My buddy is hanging on to them for now, hopefully Ill be able to add my corals in the next week or two.

    Thats all I can think of for now. I will update this as I get more corals and the tank matures.
    Thanks for vieiwing.
    Last edited by korndiddy20; 04-24-2010 at 06:05 PM.

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    RedfordReefer - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Feb 2010
    Redford, Michigan
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    I adore that tank! How far is the run from the sump to the loc-line?

    I NEED a basement!

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    korndiddy20 - Reefkeeper CR Member
    Join Date
    Jan 2010
    Riverview, MI
    First Name


    honestly im not sure. If I had to guess Id say 6ft. The sump is on a stand in the basement. I used to have it on the floor and that was a pain in the ars. I wanted something ware I could do general maintenance and not have to bend over all the time.

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    Fishgeek88 - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Sep 2009
    Royal Oak MI
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    Looks like a cool little build!

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    kozyreef - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Feb 2010
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    Cant wait for more pictures !!! i want to see all the amazing things your gonna fill this baby with. Top view tanks are awesome! they add a whole new dimension to a reef aquarium!!!

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