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my 125 gallon reef

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    Default my 125 gallon reef

    Well this tank has been running since 04,the tank itself is a 125 aga with a 27 gallon tuff tote sump and a 100 gallon rubber maid like fuge.

    The dt is in my living room with the sump and fuge in the basement below.i use an iwaki 70 return pump, very dependable been running nonstop this whole time! The dt has two older tunze pumps for flow a 6060 and a 6100 .I just upgraded from 250 watt x3 single ended mh to 3 aqua ufo led's (still working on the canopy).

    The fuge is lit with 1 single ended 175 mh.I run 2 skimmers 1 swc nw250 and 1 euroreef 6 2 plus.I also run a phosban reactor and a 25 wtt sterilizer.i have no idea anymore how much live rock or sand is in the system (kinda lost track) .

    There are 9 fish in the system. My two original clowns, which lay eggs every couple weeks with there sebae. a yellow tail blue damsel which is a lil devil, a virgate rabbit, copperband,leopard wrasse,hecters goby, and the newest being a powdered blue tang.oh and i cant forget the scatt in the fuge keeping the aiptasia under controll.there are two large brittle stars one pink bubble tip and one black. Also one black and white serpent that i aquired with my very first live rock purchase.

    As for coral the tank is mostly soft with a few lps. There are alota z's and p's .a devils hand, finger leather,gorgonian,toadstool, and a lobo there are a few more .most of them ive had a long time. Many corals have come and gone in this tank.I've been through the stony phase softy phase and back again lol. I have better luck with the softies and lps (think they fit the budget better).

    Well thats enough rambling outa me for awhile I'll try to post some pics for you guys.
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    picturephp?albumid352&amppictureid2990&ampthumb1 - my 125 gallon reef

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    Beautiful tank! Love softies and LPS mixes

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