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Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

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    Jul 2010

    Default Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    I realized today that I have never posted anything about my tank on this forums site.

    My system is a 125 acrylic Flat back hex. It has been running since August 28, 2010. The contents have been in my 90 Gal since February 20, 2010. It has a center over flow w/ 1 inch drain and 2, 3/4 inch returns feed by a mag drive 9.5 in the refuge/sump(I'm scared to drill the sump). It has a 40 gal sump, with the drain running over filter media that is suspended above the water line. My skimmer is a Reef Octopus NW-200-6540B, rated for up to 250 gallons. I am running 2, 250w DE Metal Halides, w/ 20000k bulbs. Along with the Mag 9.5, I have 2, Koralia 4's for added water movement. I feed once a day.

    The tank has a sand bed about 4 inches deep. I put 160Lbs of live sand in the tank when I was building it. I waited for almost two months before putting any livestock in the tank. I did countless water changes in those two months. I also went through a full test kit monitoring my levels. I have 270Lbs of Fiji live rock. When I built the sump I included a single bubble trap with a distance of about 2 1/2 inches between the two glass baffles.

    I have been doing regular cleanings of the filter media once a week by washing them in the sink and scrubbing them until they are clean. I have started to think about using a filter sock and dropping the drain below the water level, the sound of running water is driving my wife nuts. I have learned to block it out.

    I also have about a 5 gallon bucket worth of cheato in the refuge. I have no sand bed in the refuge due to the return pump being in there too. I don't want to chance the sand doing any damage to the return pump.

    I am currently in the second week of running a Two Little Fishes, Phosban Reactor, w/ Vertex Bio-Pellets.

    Tank Content's

    Zoas and Polys

    King MidasX2
    Nuclear GreensX3
    Cat EyesX5
    Darth mauls X5
    Devil's Armor X5
    Rastas X3
    Red Hornets X2
    Captain Americas X3
    Blue Eyed Girls X4
    Goochsters X4
    Purple Hornets X3
    Radioactive Dragon Eyes 25+
    Green Bay Packers 50+
    Armor of God 5+
    Mohawks 5+
    Wham'n Watermelon 15+
    Eagle Eyes 35+
    Tubbs Blue 25+
    Yellow Polyops 20+
    Pink Cat Eyes 25+
    Purple Deaths 20+
    Blue Deaths 15+
    Kedds Red 250+
    Pink Zoot Suit 20+
    Solors 20+
    Purple People Eaters 6
    Giant Green Strips 10+
    Cloves 15+
    Multiple Unknown Polyops and Zoas


    Green/Purple Moon Stone
    Tyree L.E. Brick Red Chalice
    Unknown Chalice
    Pink Pantsy Chalice
    Tubs' Alien Eye Chalice
    Pink Chalice
    Purple Chalice
    Hammer Aussie Branching
    Hammer Green Branching
    Trumpet Green Large Branching
    Trumpet Green Compact
    Trumpet White
    Green Moonstone Brain Coral
    Yellow Sun Coral
    Tooth Coral
    Mint Green Open Brain
    Pipe Organ
    Aussie Plate Coral
    Plate Coral X3
    Blastomussa Merletti
    Blastomussa Wellsi


    Green Monti
    Sunrise Monti
    Tryee Blue Flower Peddle
    Pink BirdsNest
    Green BirdsNest
    Green Montipora Cap
    Idaho Grape Monit
    Superman Encrusting Monti
    Purple Haze Encrusting Monti
    Teal Acropora
    Green Acropora
    Peach Acropora
    Green (unknown) Acropora
    Maroon (unknown) Acropora
    Purple Montipora Digitata
    Cup Coral
    Meteor Shower Cyphastrea
    Green Horn Coral
    Forest Fire Monti Digitata
    Green MontiDigitata
    Green/Purple Acro


    Blue Ridge
    XLarge Green Leather
    Blue Xenias
    Waving Xenias
    Green Star Polyop
    Pink Star Polyop


    Green Giant Hairy Mushroom (Rhodactis Indosinensis) X4
    Orange Ricordias X3
    Green Ricordia X2
    Muti-Color Ricordia X2
    Red/Orange Ricordia
    Purple Mushroom
    Blue Mushroom
    Green Spotted Mushroom
    Green Strip Mushroom
    Purple Hairy Mushroom
    Purple/Teal Mushroom


    Pink Gorgonian


    Lawn Mower Blenny X2
    True Percula Clownfish X3
    Atlantic Yellow Tang
    Regal Tang X2
    Pajama Cardinal
    Powder Blue Tang
    Green Chromis X3
    Six line Wrasse
    Comb Tooth Blennie


    Crocea Clams X3
    Coral Banded Shrimp
    Pepperment Shrimp
    Blood Shrimp X2
    Blue Atlantic Hermit Crabs 100+
    X-Large Brittle StarFish, Knobby Fancy X2
    Astrea Snails 100+
    Turbo snails X2
    Pink Formia StarFish
    Cleaner shrimp
    Acro Crab


    Rose Bubble Tip X2
    Green Bubble Tip
    Mini Carpets X15


    Red Lettuce Algae

    Live Rock/Sand

    Florida Live Rock 50LBS
    Fiji Live Rock 220LBS
    Live Sand 160LBS
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    Jul 2010


    And now on to the good stuff!

    DSC02679 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02678 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02677 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02676 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02737 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02736 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02735 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02734 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02733 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02731 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02730 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02728 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02727 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02726 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02725 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02723 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02722 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02721 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02720 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02719 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02718 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02717 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02716 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02715 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02714 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02713 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02712 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02711 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02710 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02709 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02708 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02707 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02706 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02705 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02704 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02702 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02701 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02700 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02699 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02698 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02697 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02696 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef
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    Jul 2010


    And some more...

    DSC02695 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02694 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02693 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02692 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02691 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02690 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02689 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02688 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02687 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02686 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02683 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02682 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02681 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02680 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    Thanks for looking. So what do you think?

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    Sir Patrick - Reefkeeper A2 Club Coordinator
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    Oct 2009
    UofM territory
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    Awards Monthly Giveaway Winner


    Dude!!! Your tank is sweet!!!!

    Ok- whats the secret???? I have never seen kedds redds grow to such proportions in a reef tank?!?!?!?

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    Jul 2010


    Thanks Chris! I have worked really hard on this tank. With a whole lot of help from people like your self on local forums. I haven't the clue what the secret is with the Kedds Redds, I wish that my Captain Americas, Red and Purple Hornets, and Darth Mauls would follow suit though!
    Last edited by steveperry98; 02-19-2011 at 04:43 AM.

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    Jul 2010


    CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY... but it was bitter sweet. So I woke up on the 1st and thought I had blown a bulb, so I pulled the pendant down and checked the bulb but the bulb was fine. Which could only mean one thing, I blew a ballast. So instead of trying to find a compatible one from online I upgraded! Here's a couple pics. of my new toys. I'll post new full tank shots tonight.

    DSC02827 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    DSC02828 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

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    Jul 2010


    Here's a picture with the new lighting. I have over a hundred new picture so instead of adding them all I'll just post a link to my PhotoBucket album.

    2011 03 02 19 00 36 545 - Steven's 125 Mixed Reef

    Pictures by steveperry98 - Photobucket

    Anyone know why I can't just post a link, anyway just click on the text of that stupid empty box.
    Last edited by steveperry98; 03-04-2011 at 01:49 AM.

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    mth1993 - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Nov 2010
    48309 Rochester Hills, MI


    very nice

    How about some pictures of your grow/prop area?

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