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2007 Nano Contest Rules!!!

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    Default 2007 Nano Contest Rules!!!

    Welcome to the 2007 Captive Reefing Nano Build Contest!

    The contest officially begins January 1st, 2007 and ends September 30th, 2007.

    All participants must be entered by February 1, 2007 to qualify.

    At the end of the contest, all eligible systems will be judged by either a yet to be determined panel of illustrious judges, or perhaps by the Captive Reefing community. Besides general bragging rights, we’re shooting for prizes to be awarded to the top tanks!!!

    Please note that this contest will require you to have a digital camera, or access to a digital camera at least once per month. You will not be able to participate without one.


    A 10 gallon glass aquarium or equivalent tank. The dimensions of a standard 10 gallon tank are 20"Lx10"Wx12"H. The tanks themselves are common and cheap and can be found at any Petco, Petsmart, or large LFS (even Walmart) for approximately $10-$15.

    There is no limit (besides your budget) to the lighting. You can do a simple low-light Fish Only tank with a couple softies, or go insane and put a 1000W halide over it if you want. This contest is about the tank and how it looks, and not how much money you spent. Either a retro-fit kits or complete hood may be used. Nighttime use of moon lights is allowed, but not required.

    Participants in the contest will be allowed to use whatever water movement devices that they wish.

    Use of an auto top-off system is allowed, but not required.

    Any hood and stand may be used. Entrants will not be judged by their hood and stand.

    (Answers to common questions)

    Can thermometers be used?
    Yes, any thermometer may be used.

    Can I test my water using test kits (ph, alk, cal, etc) such as Salifert brand?
    Yes, all typical marine aquarium test kids may be used for your tank entry.

    Can I use Live Rock from my other tank? I have plenty extra and it will speed my cycling.
    Yes, you may use Live Rock from another reef system you have on hand.

    Can I stock my stock contest entry tank with frags or corals from my display tank?
    Yes, you are welcome to use frags from your other display tank. There will be a cutoff when contestants are not allowed to add any more corals to their tanks. This will force contestants to show they are in fact able to maintain and show growth under stock conditions, even if their corals came from a display tank 5 feet away.

    Can I dose my tank with nutrients, etc?
    You are welcome to dose your tank as you see fit.

    To officially enter this contest you will need to take a photo with a common household object (specified the day the contest begins) inside your unfilled tank setup. You will post this information in your own entry thread in this forum.

    External sumps or refugiums are entirely optional. However, if you choose to use one, its volume must not exceed 10 gallons. You are welcome to use a custom built system or standard tank. You may be asked to take photos of your sump with measuring devices and something else in the picture to prove it is a current photo. The entire system volume (display tank + sump, external filters, etc.) must not exceed 20 gallons.

    NOTE: Volume refers to actual tank/sump volume, not necessarily total water used

    Your entry thread is where all the information, photos, and updates for your nano reef will be posted. When you are ready to enter the contest, please create a new topic in the appropriate area of this contest forum. The topic title should be: “[Contest] Your Username”. Your first post must contain your required entry photographs!

    Updates to the progress of your nano reef must be posted at a minimum of once per month, and include at least 3 photos. Entries with missing months of updates will be disqualified for final voting. At the end of the contest, all entrants will be asked to make a final post summarizing the progress their nano reef has made.

    Remember to keep your entries as clear and organized as possible.

    If your tank crashes (for any reason) you will not be able to restart after contest entry has closed (February 1, 2007).

    Reason: If your tank crashes, you would have to set it up again which would be basically be entering a new system after contest entry has ended. The point of this contest is to keep a healthy reef the first time around, not to start and then restart over and over if you continually hose your system.

    January 1st, 2007 - Contest officially begins
    February 1st, 2007 - Last day to enter a new tank
    July 31st, 2007 - Last day to add new corals
    September 30th, 2007 - Last day of contest

    Contest Prizes

    To Be Announced Soon!

    These rules are a modified version of some contest rules found elsewhere in the Internet and we feel has great information regarding our contest. All information subject to change, but we'll try not to.
    120G Reef and 40B reef at work, 120G tank dry and dirty in the garage.

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    Sparky - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Nov 2005
    Brooklyn WI


    Very nice looks good Eric! I think you have all the details covered! Should be a great build off!

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    carpenterwrasse - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    May 2005
    First Name


    I am thinking about it

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