I know it's December 31st, but someone asked me to start the contest a little early, so what's 12 hours, right?

In order to become an official contestant in the 2007 Nano Build Off, you need to start a thread in this forum entited "Contest - your user name"

For example, my thread would be entitled: Contest - Perpetual98

Ok, that wasn't terribly difficult, was it? I even figured that out! *zoom*

The next thing that you need to do is to post your fist picture of the dry tank. The picture MUST include the following items INSIDE your dry aquarium:

1. A DVD
2. A canned food item

I think people can have a little fun with those items and it's a great way to start the contest!

Remember to snap as many pictures as you can while you're working on the entries. The more pictures, the better!