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cq28's - Nano Not So Build Off -Zoos/Shrooms

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    cq28 - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Sep 2005

    Default cq28's - Nano Not So Build Off -Zoos/Shrooms

    cq28's - Nano Not So Build Off - Zoos/Shrooms/o and Balloons?

    Alright folks finally got around to getting this done. I've wanted to tag in for quite sometime now. It all started back in September when I woke up one morning and said I'm getting a fish tank, literally like that. I'm not sure whynow that I try and think back.I knew I've always wanted to get a pet of my own, but I couldn't really take care of a dog with the schedule I run and I'm not the reptile keeper either. I've always had a thing for the ocean and behold a fish tank. My experience is down to nothing, nada, zip, zero. My father had a fish tank along time ago, but I was too young to understand it. I tell him he had no idea what he was doing after what you guys have taught me. I remember him removing fish to clean the tank, big mistake. I always wondered why we lost all of our fish so often, silly old man (but I love ‘em, and he did keep a clean tank...a dead one, but still clean….algae what).

    I walked into the local fish store not knowing that would be the day my bank account started to vanish. I thought these little creatures of the sea were going to be inexpensive and loving; they turned out to be a challenge to say the least. It's all the other stuff that got me good in the back pocket (Equipment, Corals). $408.68, that's what it took the first time. And let me tell you, for a nano, I still didn't have all the proper equipment.

    I started to cycle the 29 of September and got done October 2, and that very same day I finished cycling I purchased my first fish (couldn't wait any longer). I threw a raw shrimp to get the cycle going and it worked very well. I saw an ammonia spike which eventually subsided. I left the lights off for most of the cycle, even though it didn't really matter (from what I was told). The lights were recommended by the kid at the local fish store. I did not bother to check the forum until after I bought the first set of goodies (big mistake). I would have preferred more powerful lights but it was my fault and no one else. I told him I really didn't know what I was doing and was looking for a good start. That's exactly what I got. The filter is the skilter 250, not a whole lot of DIY involved, but it does work my friends. I love the gadget as it does what I need it to do. It can be loud if you have it in your room (like I do) but you learn to enjoy the sounds. If you have a tank outside it would definitely not be a bother. The pumps I did not get until I visited another LFS and was recommended only one but per recommendation on the forum I bought another one, and that I believe was the right choice. At first I thought it was too strong for the inhabitants, but it does fine. The rest is self explanatory. The only thing that bothered me during the whole cycle was the aquascape and the positioning of the pumps. I finally got it figured out at the very end. The rocks I enjoy one way (the way you see it in the final setup, pic will be up on next few posts) and the pumps do well facing each other at certain angles. Doesn't create too much current for the fish or polyps I have. If you have any questions for me by all means throw them out there and I'll try to answer them (questions in regard to the tank because I still don't knowsmudge about reef tanks). Like I said before, I'm just the rookie.

    More to come, but while I finish thinking what to post this is what it looked like when I got done setting it up...

    album picphp?pic id618 - cq28's - Nano Not So Build Off -Zoos/Shrooms

    20 Gallon Glass Tank
    Skilter 250(Full of LR and Chaeto)
    2 Rio Pump 400
    5 Watt Visi-Therm
    CoralifeAqualight 130 Watt Output (PC's)Lunar Blue Moon Glow LED Lamp
    40 lbs. Live Sand (Started with only 20, added another 20 probably week later)
    Approximately 30 lbs. Live Rock (Again, started off with about 20, added 10 later)
    2k1ad342769a - cq28's - Nano Not So Build Off -Zoos/Shrooms

    2kfa7058b3f1 - cq28's - Nano Not So Build Off -Zoos/Shrooms

    Best Regards,

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    carpenterwrasse - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    May 2005
    First Name


    clem thats a great start for a 20 year old at your age my mind was in comic collecting sure wish it would have been into something that what we are into now
    check this girl out she is a great singer


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    Nice start-up story! It looks really nice... I can't wait to see how it grows!

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    cq28 - Reefkeeper CR Member
    Join Date
    Sep 2005

    Default Follow Up 11/19/05

    ...it's December 19th and I wanted to show everyone where the tank's progress is at. The last post I left behind had to do with the cycle. This post will be everything added from that point up to now.I'm confused as to how I should present the corals and livestock. I could basically go through the order by date of purchase but that would take quite the effort and I am one lazy person. Since I'm a lazy bum I'm going to attach the different posts that have come up during my adventure with my 20 gal. tank. This would also be problems and joys of the whole project. I have also added Live Rock to the sump of my Skilter 250 and chaeto. I placed an order for copepods and amphipods and have placed them both in the sump and main display tank. I have also found 2 pests during all this time. Here they are:
    album picphp?pic id792 - cq28's - Nano Not So Build Off -Zoos/Shrooms
    Zoa Eating Nudibranch
    album picphp?pic id791 - cq28's - Nano Not So Build Off -Zoos/Shrooms

    Cirolanid Isopod

    New to the Game. Questions.
    Powerhead & Proper Flow (Was wondering how to set up the powerheads)
    The Cycle?
    Night Life, Newbie Questions.
    Bacteria/Algae Growth?
    Lights during the Cycle.
    Water Flow and Fish Problem
    So far so good, but what about shrimp?

    Update & Questions
    (This is what the tank looked like before)
    Anenome? (Anenome is voted down for 20 gal. tank)\
    Blown PH?
    Algae, Help! What kind?
    pH trouble.
    The Tank
    20 Astrea Snails (LFS)
    5 Blue Hermit Crabs (LFS)
    1 Yellow Cucumber (He'sa lazy one LFS)
    1 False Percula Clown (LFS)
    1 6 Line Wrasse (LFS)
    1 Yellow Watchman Goby (LFS)
    1 Fire Goby (New Addition LFS)
    1 Red Blood Shrimp (LFS)
    1 Cleaner Shrimp (LFS)
    1 Feather Duster (LFS)
    2 Different Starburst Polyps (Yourref.com/LFS Sea Mat)
    Yellow Polyp (LFS)
    8Different Zoanthids (Yourreef.com/LFS)
    5 Mushrooms (Yourreef.com)
    Alveopora (LFS)
    1 False Percula Clown

    Cause of Death: The clown was doing great for a long time until about two weeks ago the other clown decided to get really territorial and pretty much took control of the tank from the clown. The clown starved to death from stress. Has not been seen for two weeks, I have yet to recover the body or see any signs ofhis/her survival.

    2k90509ee305 - cq28's - Nano Not So Build Off -Zoos/Shrooms

    2kc0e4911b9b - cq28's - Nano Not So Build Off -Zoos/Shrooms







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    davejnz - Reefkeeper CR Member
    Join Date
    Sep 2004
    Daytona Bch,FL


    The tank is really staring to look great,cant wait to see what it looks like come judgeing time for the nano contest

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