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my nano

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    Default my nano

    i hope i can post this thread here, is this just for the contest or will it be used as a nano forum area after?
    well after changing my mind over and over again i decided to go with a smaller tank than the 29. i decided to go smaller because i forgot that where i was going to set up my tank is not ACed in the summer and would cook for sure. since i am setting up now in my room and there is no space i decided to go with the 12gl NC DX. i had Chris mod the lights and fans for me, and i changed out the jbjjet600 to a maxijet1200. right now i am doing a leak test, and checking temps and stuff with tap water (started 4/2-4/6). on thursday i plan on heading out to lowes or hd and getting some 5gl buckets to mix some water over night; and on friday i hope to go to a local fish store that dakar and justdavidp helped me out in finding and get some LR and sand. well i guess thats it. i will post up a pic tomorrow just for a starter pic.
    thanks for all the help.

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    well i just went into town yesterday and got some LR, thanks again dakar and justdavidp. here are some pics of what it looks like and a little stole away.



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    can anyone help me out and tell me what i am doing wrong with posting pics? i didn't see any img tags or URL ones.

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    I'm not real good with linking pictures, but I know if you download them onto your computer you can easily attach them, by clicking the "manage attachment" button down towards the bottom of your "reply to thread" page. I hope that helps, I would love to see the pics. -DIRT
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    I tried to fix your pictures, but I think it's a PhotoBucket issue. It says that you need to be logged in to see the pictures. Maybe you need to create a "public" album? I'm not terribly familiar with PhotoBucket though...

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    you might want to use the image resizer on the homepage (top left, just above web directory). this way you know it will be the right size for maximum pic size.

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    DSC02690mod - my nano

    DSC02689mod - my nano

    DSC02688mod - my nano

    here are the pics sorry about the size all i could do.

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    i just got my clean up crew this past weekend. the kid at the store said that they would clean up everything and take control of the alg growing on the back wall. what do you guys think of the crew, do i need to add anything else?
    i got
    5 blue leg hermits
    2 red hermits
    6 cerith snails
    5 astrea snails


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    some pics that i just took.
    DSC02840mod - my nano
    DSC02838mod - my nano
    DSC02827mod - my nano
    bc43854a - my nano
    DSC02823mod - my nano


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    can anyone tell me what is going on with these rpe's?
    DSC02839mod - my nano

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