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Phishcrazee's Nano Tank Build

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    Default Phishcrazee's Nano Tank Build

    So I saw this contest on CR's Facebook page and I just went to take a peek, wasn't thinking about entering.........but then I thought if I did enter, it *might* help keep me accountable on moving forward with setting up my new 24g Cardiff tank, sooooo throwing my hat in the ring, here we go

    The plan is to tear down my 75g reef tank and move most of its contents between a 29g frag tank in the basement and this 24g tank, which is in the dining room. This tank will have a sandbed, long tentacled anemone + orange skunk clown pair, some rockwork and mainly softies, a few lps and zoas. Thinking I might add a clam into the mix at some point, we'll see. Lighting will be LED. I have some ideas for other equipment, but not 100% sure, still thinking.........

    The empty tank pic:

    tankcontest002 - Phishcrazee's Nano Tank Build
    tankcontest001 - Phishcrazee's Nano Tank Build
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    thepanfish - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Jul 2011
    SE Michigan


    Cool tank!

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    AJ :) - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Sep 2009


    Very nice looking tank.
    I'll be tagging along.

    Good luck!

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    Glad you're giving it a try. Welcome to CR! I love those solana tanks.

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    Thanks, they are beautiful tanks

    So did a few things with the tank in the last couple days. Since it was shipped, wanted to make sure it was still watertight, and that no seams had been torqued etc. during packaging and shipment. Better to be safe than sorry; nothing worse than getting a tank set up and then finding a leak! So I filled it with freshwater and let it sit overnight just to make sure everything was ok.

    tankcontest2001 - Phishcrazee's Nano Tank Buildtankcontest2002 - Phishcrazee's Nano Tank Build

    Everything checked out fine, so I drained it, and figured out exactly where I wanted the tank. Since the front of the stand does not open, I have to make sure its positioned just right to reach any equipment I may have below. Annoying design flaw, who thought a non-opening front on a tank stand would be a good idea?! I did a quick check with my level all around the tank to make sure its basically level. That checked out fine as well.

    tankcontest2003 - Phishcrazee's Nano Tank Build

    Since this is going to have a sandy bottom, I started to add the sand. This was sand from a fellow reefer's tank tear down. It was rinsed, but has been "dead/dry" for a long time, sitting in my garage. I expect it to have a fair amount of nitrates etc in it, but nothing that some good skimming and happy bacteria won't be able to handle, I hope

    tankcontest2004 - Phishcrazee's Nano Tank Buildtankcontest2005 - Phishcrazee's Nano Tank Build

    I wanted the sandbed at least a couple inches deep, as this is what the long tentacled anemone that will be living here, prefers.

    Going to start the rockwork landscaping next..........

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    rcombs - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Sep 2011
    houghton lake


    this tank is very sweet, where did you get it if you dont mind me askin

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcombs View Post
    this tank is very sweet, where did you get it if you dont mind me askin
    Yeah, LOVE them, looked a long time and kept coming back to this one.........got mine at Premuim Aquatics, although Marine Depot sells them too and a few others, but those two places had the best prices. Bought it on a Black Friday sale, everything was 11% off, so made this a good deal

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    double post
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    CR Member
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    Jan 2012


    Where did you get that tank

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    MizTanks - Reefkeeper
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    Oct 2009
    U.P. of Michigan.
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    Welcome to CR! Very sweet tank for sure
    There's nothing like being a Reefer! www.upmmas.com

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