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BTA problems

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    Default BTA problems

    #ed_op#DIV#ed_cl#i dont know if i should flush#ed_op#IMG alt="image file name: 2k5fb95df5ed.jpg" src="http://www.captivereefing.com/richedit/upload/2k5fb95df5ed.jpg" border=0#ed_cl# it or try to save it.i dont really have a Q tank i guess i could rig up somethin#ed_op#/DIV#ed_cl#

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    #ed_op#DIV#ed_cl#this thing was huge and so full of life and in the past few days i saw clowny was out abit much.usually he is in the back with the BTA so i took the rocks down and pulled him up and this is what he looks like.I see death.Im not sure if he got stuck uder a rock or what but he is rotting away in one spot.ive had him for afew months maybe it just wasnt meant to be.some say you shoulnt have nems unless your tank is over a year old and also some saw not without MH i have neither.The tank is only about 8 mths and i have PC lighting.But any help would be good#ed_op#/DIV#ed_cl#

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    graphixx - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Jul 2005
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    if your not sure about him I would pull him, they will pollute a tank very very quickly and you may end up with more than a dead BTA. Sorry to hear about the loss. anenomes are very picky, one day they are dong good and the next day they are turned inside out with their guts hanging out.
    fulltankshot 1 - BTA problems

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    Whoyah - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Grants Pass, OR


    Are you sure he is not splitting in two (aka cloning)? My BTA hides when he is about ready to split. The two ends will basically just go in opposite direction, tearing the center section. The torn section looks kind of rotten I guess. The nem is usually pretty wilted (sp?) during the process. You might just give him some shade since you uncovered him but keep an eye on him.

    BTA will do fine under PCs.

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    #ed_op#DIV#ed_cl#he went to the back about amonth or so ago.i thought he went there to split.nothing happend.Today i just figured i would move back into a spot were we could see him.He was hiding very well,well when i pulled him up he looked like that.He is ill looking.i moved him to a Q tank hopefully he will recover soon if not i m not gonna wait till hes a snotball floating in the water,i'll have to flush him.#ed_op#/DIV#ed_cl#

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