Introducing Miz Flame!

Flame scallops have a rough outer shell with a red mantle. Surrounding the mantle are red and white tentacles. The flame scallop's vibrant red color is due to the large amount of carotenoids found within their body. Flame scallops can reach 3 in long. The gills are used for respiration and filtration.

Flame scallops rest in their own nests made of small coral and rocks. Because flame scallops have no photosynthetic properties, the herbivorous flame scallops eat only phytoplankton. During the consumption process, flame scallops sift and sort through the phytoplankton with their gills to determine what is appropriate for ingestion. phytoplankton in the range of 5-40 micrometers (mm - roughly 1/25 to 1/200th of a millimeter).

IMG 1049 1 - Flame Scallop (Lima scabra)