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Help with setting up a 55 gal reef

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    Question Help with setting up a 55 gal reef

    I have kept and maintined several fresh water takns for years. I recently bought a 20 gal saltwater tank and have had good luck with it for about one year. The other day a friend of mine gave me a 55 gallon all glass tank. I was hoping to make it into a reef tank to include several types of fish and invertebrates. I have a general idea of what equipement I will need but if anyone could give specific products or ideas I would really appreciate it. This project is probly going to take me a year or longer but I need all the help I can get. Thank you in advance.

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    The Rugger - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    There are so many things and it really depends on what you want to keep. Lighting is the biggest and sometimes the most expensive item. I would think about which direction you want to go then we can work towards something. Live Rock only with fish can be much different than have hard corals.

    What do you have in your 20?

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    In my 20 gallon I have 12-15 lbs of live rock, three blue leg hermit crabs, one maroon clown fish, two damesles, one sea anomine.

    In the 55 gallon I was wanting to have live rock, corals and other invertebrates, as well as fish. I need help selecting lighting, filtertration, and tips on setting everything up. In short it needs to be reef taks for dummies 101. I hope that I have answered your questions well enough for help, if not let me know and i will attempt to do better. Thanks

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    graphixx - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    that is good that you are taking your time. the best thing I could recommend is READ READ READ and when your done with that read some more. this forum is FANTASTIC place to start.
    just take your time and invest in the best equipment you can cause if you dont you will end up upgrading in the future.

    and keep us posted as to the progress your making.
    fulltankshot 1 - Help with setting up a 55 gal reef

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    Grue - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    And don't turn up yer nose at used. It is unfortnate that alot of people are having to give up their tanks. But can be a great thing for you. Keep an eye ot on craigs list and ASK ASK ASK. I would be careful with buying used Lighting ballast and used bulbs. But everything else is up for grabs.

    I just picked up 2 Icecap 400W MH ballast on bay of E. Seems that if you use microsoft's search engine ( www.live.com ) They will give you back 25% of your purchage price. So using the buy now option I paied 357.80 for 2 They have credited my account 84.98 For a price of 272.82 Or 136.41 each!!!!

    PM if you want more info (Don't want to bore people to death)
    Don't Turn off the lights! The Grue's will get you!

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