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Need a Crab I.D.

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    Limpit - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Apr 2005
    Behind the curtain of cheese

    Default Need a Crab I.D.

    This came hitch hiking on a Yellow Polyp rock.
    crab 2 - Need a Crab I.D.
    crab 1 - Need a Crab I.D.
    About the size of a quarter and is a speckled gray color. Same shape as an Emerald Crab.
    Good? Bad?

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    CR Member
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    Mar 2005
    Winona, MN


    I seem to remember seeing something like that at the LFS. Could it be an anemone crab? It seems to be positioned and colored about the same way as the ones at the LFS. I could be wrong though since I'm pretty new to this.
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    Reptoreef - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Sep 2004
    Brigham City, Utah


    Heck of a stab at it, IMO... it's actually a member of the emerald fam(mythrax), but can be a pain for it's a rock crab and better if removed.
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    Limpit - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Apr 2005
    Behind the curtain of cheese


    After I removed it from the Polyps it went under a small rock on the bottom of the tank and then started to move the rock. Likes to get under a rock and move it around, strong creature! I took video of it moving the Polyp rock around the tank, it's funny to watch. "Look Ma that rock there is alive"!
    Happy Reefing!

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    zoo-a-holic - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Aug 2005
    Brandon MB


    #ed_op#DIV#ed_cl#Seen one like that at my LFS and they told me to steer clear of it.#ed_op#/DIV#ed_cl#
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