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What type of fish is in the middle of CaptiveReefs (top left corner of page...hint it is the main character in Finding Nemo) )

turtle conch?

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    Default turtle conch?

    Anyone ever hear of a turtle conch?
    It looks a lot like a fighting conch but the shell is a little different. Maybe theres a more common name for it, other than a turtle conch.

    So far, hes an awesome substrate cleaner. $$


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    ok, so heres some pics of the little bugger. I dont know what he is, but he is one of THE best sand sifters ive had in my tank so far.

    check out how long his snout is!!! its like an inch long when fully extended

    conch1 - turtle conch?

    conch2 - turtle conch?

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    right on he is a cool little buggar. I love my conch's I have queen and fighting conch's and love them. they are sooo cool to watch.
    fulltankshot 1 - turtle conch?

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    is this a fighting conch? he lo0sk similiar but his shell is a bit different

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    I dont bieleve so
    fulltankshot 1 - turtle conch?

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