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Very Weird Bristle Worm Behavior

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    Default Very Weird Bristle Worm Behavior

    I am a little freaked out right now. I have been having some trouble
    with lots and lots of bristle worms lately (hundreds), so yesterday I
    bought a couple of arrow crabs. Today I actually saw one of the crabs
    eating one.. I was very happy. Well, a few hours later I was doing a
    water change, and after a drained about 15 gallons I added 5 gallons of
    RO Salt, and let it sit for awhile so I could measure my Salt. When I
    came back to measure it, all of the bristle worms in the tank had come
    out of the rocks. I mean hundreds of them were on the rock and spitting
    out this white milky stuff. I have never seen or heard of this before.
    I started siphoning out some of the bristle worms as well as the milky
    substance as best I could. Does anyone know what this means? Is this
    milky stuff dangerous? What could have caused this?#ed_op#br#ed_cl#
    The tank is 46 gallons, good lighting and has been up and running for over a year....#ed_op#br#ed_cl#
    Please help!!!!!#ed_op#br#ed_cl#

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    Whoyah - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Grants Pass, OR


    #ed_op#DIV#ed_cl#Sounds kinda of freaky to me. Probably some sort of spawning thing. It sounds like you have very high nutrient problem. A few small bristle worms areOK (IMO, good for clean up)but mass hordes them indicate a problem. Give us a little more info on your system.#ed_op#/DIV#ed_cl#

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    jerryc - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Sep 2004


    Walkamo whit is your feeding routine sometimes the population will increase with
    a lot of extra food wast in the system

    RazorBack Reef. com

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    San Diego


    get some other things that will eat them or even get a trap for them actually. less expensive. Definately find out the problem. mos likely cuz you are over feeding... at least to me.

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