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40% off!

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    Default 40% off!

    With lots of new stock posted over the weekend, and even more to come, we're still in need of a bit more Spring Cleaning. So, WSYIWYG Frags and Coral Colonies have been marked down to 40% off with Discount Code 'Spring40'! Just enter the Discount Code during checkout to see your savings.

    WYSIWYG "What You See Is What You Get" Coral Frags
    Live Coral for Sale | Coral Colonies for Sale | Corals by Dr. Mac

    We've also been busy updating our popular Under $15 Frags page. Lots of great deals to be had, but the hottest corals tend to go quickly so be sure to check in often!

    Live Coral for Sale | Coral Colonies for Sale | Corals by Dr. Mac

    A few of the most recent updates:
    FM083069RainforestChaice  WYSIWYG 300 - 40% off!
    HPM080289PurpletipGreenFrogspawn  WYSIWYG 300 - 40% off!
    FM082349DeepwaterGreenTable  WYSIWYG 300 - 40% off!
    FM080139YellowScrollingTurbinaria  WYSIWYG 300 - 40% off!
    FM082249OrangeStyloceonielaarmata  WYSIWYG 300 - 40% off!
    FM081449VioletandGreenPlatygyra  WYSIWYG 300 - 40% off!
    XM087514Sympodium  WYSIWYG 300 - 40% off!
    XM085914DarkGreen BlackTubastrea  WYSIWYG 300 - 40% off!
    XM086212ElkhornMontipora  WYSIWYG 300 - 40% off!
    XM08789Purple TealRhodactis  WYSIWYG 300 - 40% off!

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    BK's Reef - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    May 2010
    Grand Rapids,MI


    great deal, if only i wasnt saving up for the gr swap
    "reefing sure takes up your money...but it is the best money ive ever spent!"

    ^^^90 Fowlr thread

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