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Crazy Updates!

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    Default Crazy Updates!

    Loads of new livestock posting this week! Today we added a huge batch of both WYSIWYG Frags and Colonies. Zoanthid lovers will be especially interested as we added plenty of hot new Zoas to both pages, but as you can see we've got a little something for everyone posted!

    WYSIWYG Frags
    All Frags
    FF259179GoldDustEclipsePolyps  WYSIWYG 300 - Crazy Updates!
    FF257539YellowrimRoyalBlueRhodactis  WYSIWYG 300 - Crazy Updates!
    FF258949LifeForceZoanthids  WYSIWYG 300 - Crazy Updates!
    FF251759HardyBrightRedGoniopora  WYSIWYG 300 - Crazy Updates!
    FF257639NeonElectricZoanthids  WYSIWYG 300 - Crazy Updates!

    Gorgeous Coral Colonies
    All Coral Colonies
    HPF251759FireandIceZoanthids  WYSIWYG 300 - Crazy Updates!
    HPF251279FruityPebblesChalice  WYSIWYG 300 - Crazy Updates!
    HPF250399LightningBoltandNeonGreenClovePolyps  WYSIWYG 300 - Crazy Updates!
    HPF254069UnusualMidnightStarandPlutoZoanthids  WYSIWYG 300 - Crazy Updates!
    HPF254269SupermanToTheRescueRhodactis  WYSIWYG 300 - Crazy Updates!

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    Sir Patrick - Reefkeeper A2 Club Coordinator
    Join Date
    Oct 2009
    UofM territory
    First Name
    Awards Monthly Giveaway Winner


    Beautiful pieces!!!!

    I have heard very good things about you guys!

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    Tom@HaslettMI - Reefkeeper
    Join Date
    Oct 2009
    East Lansing, MI
    First Name
    Awards Yugo Award - For helping with the CR Booth at MCES Monthly Giveaway Winner Monthly Giveaway Winner Photo of the Month Tank of the Month


    Great looking corals. Is that fourth pic a goniopora?

    Last edited by Tom@HaslettMI; 03-01-2011 at 10:58 PM.

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    MizTanks - Reefkeeper
    Join Date
    Oct 2009
    U.P. of Michigan.
    First Name
    Awards Photo of the Month - October 2012 Photo of the Month Post and Reply Award - Winner of the first PAR Contest. Monthly Giveaway Winner


    OMG! What are those #4 pic? Please say you'll have them in about 4wks, please. :D
    There's nothing like being a Reefer! www.upmmas.com

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    iyachtuxivm - Reefkeeper CR Member
    Join Date
    Feb 2010
    First Name


    Its a red gonipora.
    "The beatings will continue until morale improves."

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    Number 4 is indeed a Hardy Red Goniopora. We grow a limited number of these at our facility, so we should have more in the future.

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    More great new livestock posted! Reefing on a budget? We just added over 100 new frags to our Under $15 Frag Page! These always move fast!

    Frags Under $15

    XF274714SeasonsGreetingsMontipora  WYSIWYG 300 - Crazy Updates!
    XF278814YellowPolyps  WYSIWYG 300 - Crazy Updates!
    XF272314StrawberryChalice  WYSIWYG 300 - Crazy Updates!
    XF271510FireyPeachZoanthids  WYSIWYG 300 - Crazy Updates!
    XF273314PurpleMontiporacapricornis  WYSIWYG 300 - Crazy Updates!
    XF272014LightningBoltClovePolyp  WYSIWYG 300 - Crazy Updates!
    XF270214PhonapeBirdsNest  WYSIWYG 300 - Crazy Updates!
    XF27098BrightBlueMushroom  WYSIWYG 300 - Crazy Updates!

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    Yet another batch of hot new corals has gone live! Lots of great new Aussie Acan's this time. Just check these beauties out!

    Australian Coral Colonies and Frags | Acanthastrea lordhowensis Frags

    AUF297779UltraAcanlordhowensis  WYSIWYG 300 - Crazy Updates!
    AUF296179UltraAcanlordhowensis  WYSIWYG 300 - Crazy Updates!
    AUF293959UltraAcanlordhowensis  WYSIWYG 300 - Crazy Updates!
    AUF294469UltraAcanlordhowensis  WYSIWYG 300 - Crazy Updates!
    AUF291949UltraAcanlordhowensis  WYSIWYG 300 - Crazy Updates!
    AUF291239UltraMicromussa  WYSIWYG 300 - Crazy Updates!
    AUF291059UltraAcanlordhowensis  WYSIWYG 300 - Crazy Updates!
    AUF290139UltraAcanlordhowensis  WYSIWYG 300 - Crazy Updates!

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