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The End Is Near

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    Default The End Is Near

    Our Huge Storewide Clearance Sale Lasts Only Through July 10--Its Coming To An End Soon!!

    Lots of Nice Corals, Fish, Inverts, Anemones, and Clams still available.

    Limited Edition Frags
    Limited Edition Corals by Dr. Mac | Chalices, Acropora's, LPS, and Zoa's

    Fish--More being added this weekend
    Maryland Corals for Sale | Maryland Saltwater Fish for Sale

    Clams--NEW PRICE
    Maxima Clams for Sale | Crocea | Squamosa | Derasa | Aquarium Lighting

    Colonies and Frags up to 60% off
    All Colonies
    All Coral Colonies
    All WYSIWYG Frags--50% off
    All Frags


    Marine Inverts for Saltwater Aquarium Clean Up, Snails, Crabs, Cucumber, Shrimp

    Some Samples of Livestock Still Available

    Lots of Nano Colonies such as these Ultra Zoos, Mushrooms, and Porites
    a31e1a99 - The End Is Near
    3bcc0c20 - The End Is Near
    deb9e5ff - The End Is Near

    All kinds of Great LPS Colonies such as this Neon Elegance, Blastomussa wellsi, and Frogspawn
    e699a8b7 - The End Is Near
    44bab0f5 - The End Is Near
    e2511325 - The End Is Near

    Awesome Deals on Chalices
    144d337a - The End Is Near

    Rose BTAs
    ab50154e - The End Is Near

    Crazy NEW Low Price on Ultra Maximas--Black, Gold, Blue, Green
    6ba40a82 - The End Is Near
    ebf5a758 - The End Is Near
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    thepanfish - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Jul 2011
    SE Michigan


    Are you going out of business?

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