We got a big invert shipment in this week, and are expecting another next week as well. What a perfect time for a mega invert sale! Big discounts on some of your favorite Caribbean and Pacific inverts while supplies last. Whether you are just adding a few critters to a coral order (40% off on WYSIWYG Frag and Coral Colony pages still in effect!) or putting together a whole cleanup crew for a new tank, you won't want to miss these deals! Check it out:

Marine Inverts for Saltwater Aquarium Clean Up, Snails, Crabs, Cucumber, Shrimp

Caribbean Inverts
Astrea Snails - $.79 each
Nassarius Snails - $.79 each
Cerith Snails - $1.59 each
Blue Leg Hermits - $.69 each
Scarlet Hermits - $2.59 each
Peppermint Shrimp - $5.99 each
And much more!

Pacific inverts
Cerith Snails - $.59 each
Margarita Snails - $.59 each
Nerite Snails - $.59 each
Turbo Snails - $1.59 each
Red Leg Hermits - $.59 each