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Lansing Swap Preorders!

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    Arrow Lansing Swap Preorders!

    In case you haven't heard, we will be attending the Lansing Frag Swap this weekend! We'll be bringing all kinds of coral frags and colonies, Acanthastrea, Ricordea florida, Ultra Zoanthids, Chalices, Pieces of the Reef, plus our Super Ultra Maxima Clams!

    Even better, we're running a Super Bowl PreParty Sale on our website this week, 30% off on much of our WYSIWYG Livestock. You're welcome to order any livestock items you see from the site and have us deliver them to you at the swap! Prepayment will be required on all preorder, but we will waive the shipping and box fees when we do up your final bill.

    This is a great deal on some fantastic livestock, like these:
    VD1554199IntenseBlueSuperUltraMaxima  WYSIWYG 300 - Lansing Swap Preorders!
    PRD152279PolypandRicordeaPieceOfTheReef  WYSIWYG 300 - Lansing Swap Preorders!
    HPD166735169BlackCherryPeopleEaterPalyColony  WYSIWYG 300 - Lansing Swap Preorders!
    LED20121599ElectricLightningBoltClovePolyps  WYSIWYG 300 - Lansing Swap Preorders!
    LED2014149MagicianPalys  WYSIWYG 300 - Lansing Swap Preorders!
    FJ1513139BluetipRedTableAcropora  severalavailable 300 - Lansing Swap Preorders!
    FJ21071539HardyPurpleSponge  WYSIWYG 300 - Lansing Swap Preorders!
    AUJ180369MiniColonyAcanlordhowesis  WYSIWYG 300 - Lansing Swap Preorders!
    FJ21231569RainbowEyeJuicyOrangeChalice  WYSIWYG 300 - Lansing Swap Preorders!
    FJ21411539PurpleMonsterAcropora  WYSIWYG 300 - Lansing Swap Preorders!

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    ballhog - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Oct 2010
    Sterling Heights
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    What is this? Looks cool
    LED20121599ElectricLightningBoltClovePolyps  WYSIWYG 300 - Lansing Swap Preorders!

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    It's a highly unusual color morph of Clove Polyp. We grow it out here as one of our Limited Edition frags.

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    Thought you guys might like to see some photos of what we'll be bringing to the swap! And of course there is still time to get your preorders in and take advantage of our 30% off sale.

    We'll have lots of SPS frags
    smlSPSFrags - Lansing Swap Preorders!

    Blue tip Table Acropora
    smlBluetipRedTableAcropora - Lansing Swap Preorders!

    Hot Mama Cyphastrea
    smlHotMamaCyphastrea - Lansing Swap Preorders!

    Ultra Zoanthids
    smlUltraZoanthids - Lansing Swap Preorders!

    Pot of Gold Chalice
    smlPotOfGoldChalice - Lansing Swap Preorders!

    Green Pipe Organ
    smlGreenPipeOrgan - Lansing Swap Preorders!

    Technicolor Acanthastrea echinata
    smlTechnicolorAcanechinata - Lansing Swap Preorders!

    Magician Polyps
    smlMagicianPalythoas - Lansing Swap Preorders!

    Low cost Acanthastrea lordhowensis colonies and frags, and other Aussie corals
    smlLowCostAcanlordColonies - Lansing Swap Preorders!
    smlAcanlordhowensis - Lansing Swap Preorders!
    smlAussieOrangeLobophyllia - Lansing Swap Preorders!

    Jason Fox Electric Watermelon Chalice
    smlJasonFoxElectricWaterrmelonChalice - Lansing Swap Preorders!

    Jason Fox Pink Boobies Chalice
    smlJasonFoxPinkBoobiesChalice - Lansing Swap Preorders!

    And of course our Super Ultra Maxima Clams
    smlMaximaOverview - Lansing Swap Preorders!
    smlMaxima1 - Lansing Swap Preorders!
    smlMaxima2 - Lansing Swap Preorders!
    smlMaxima3 - Lansing Swap Preorders!
    smlMaxima4 - Lansing Swap Preorders!

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    CR Member
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    Feb 2010
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    Nice stock! Look forward to seeing you there.

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    cg5071 - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Jun 2010
    petoskey mi.
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    Love the cloves, will have to get some one of these days.

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